TO: The Association of Graduates, United States Military Academy

The genesis of this nomination and renomination lies with John R. Flynn, USMA 1944, who was David Hughes' first company commander when Hughes joined K Company, 7th Cavalry Regiment, in Korea in November 1950.  Flynn observed Hughes in combat and in other assignments in his early career at Fort Benning and West Point, becoming his close friend.  A few years after Hughes retired in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Flynn moved to Glenwood Springs and later Denver, renewed his close contact with Hughes, and learned of his manifold activities since retirement.

Flynn became convinced that Hughes deserved to be selected as a Distinguished Graduate, USMA, and shared that idea with me, his West Point roommate and lacrosse teammate.  Through the West Point Forum on which Hughes was a member, I had known of Hughes' accomplishments; I agreed wholeheartedly.  William C. Taylor, USMA 1970, also a Forum member and a member of the West Point Society of Annapolis, shared Flynn's and my opinion, as did other members of the West Point Forum.  My high regard for my old roommate led me to head up the team of Cushman, Flynn, and Taylor.  With help from other members of WP-Org and with the cooperation of Dave Hughes who has opened his memory bank and his voluminous files to our research, we have pulled together this nomination and renomination on behalf of the countless West Pointers of like mind.  It has been approved by the Directors of the WPSOA.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jack Cushman, '44
    President, WPSOA