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17958 Hughes, David Ralph 
 Conference Participation by Dave Hughes 
Representative Conferences in which Dave Hughes was a presenter.

1979, The Fort Collins Coloradoan, Hughes Sells Formula for Thriving Downtowns 

1982, May, Regina, Canada Conference on Computers in Workplace, Presenter

1983, Feb, Cortez, Colorado City Wide Conference on Commercial Revitalization

1983, April, Sterling, Colorado. Conference on using Computer Telecom for Economic Improvement

1983, Sep 28, El Paso County Contractors Association Presentation

1983, Sep 23, Industries for Jefferson County Association Conference

1983, Oct 21. 'Tech 2000' Conference. Presenter

1983, Nov 17th, IBM Computer Group. Presentation

1983, Aug 18, Data Processing Management Association. Presentation

1983, Aug 30th, Northeastern Junior Colleges, Staff Development Seminars

1984, Mar 10, Colorado Press Women, Presenter

1984, May 30, Kearny Nebraska Midway Convention, Presenter

1984, Nov 9-11, First World Hackers Conference, Conferee

1984, Feb 4, University of Colorado,  Presentation

1984, June, 6th International Conference on Computers and the Humanities, Speech

1985, Jan, Steamboat Springs Chamber of Commerce Conference, Presentation on Skilifts of the Mind

1985, Jan 10th, Society of Manufacturing Engineers. Presentation

1985, June 28th, OPTECH Conference. Presenter

1985, June, Yale University, conference on Electronic Democracy. Presentation

1985, Aug, Annenberg School of Communications, Penn, PA, Conference on Telecommunications. Speaker

1985, Oct, SIGGRAPH '85 Conference. Presenter 

1986, May, Information Industries Association, Panelist

1986, Oct 24th, 2d Hackers Conference, Round Tableist

1987, Mar 27, West Coast Computer Faire, Presenter

1987, Apr 22d, Asilomar IEEE Conference, Monteray, CA, Presenter

1987, Jul 1st, Telluride Information Conference, Speaker

1988, May 12, Electronic Networking Association, Internation Conference. "Beyond Email," Presenter

1988, Jan 26, Pikes Peak Advertising Federation, Speech

1988, Apr 10th, 13th West Coast Computer Faire, Plenary Speaker

1989, Apr 26th, Sendai, Japan, Networking '89 Conference. Plenary Speaker

1989, March 16th, University of Guelph, Cananda, Plenary speech

1990, Sep 24-28, Series of Presentations before key French Banking executives, Caisse des Depots et Consignations, Paris, France

1990, Sep 1st, Senior Net Convention, San Fransisco, CA. Keynote Address

1990, Dec, National Education Assn, DC.  Presentation

1990, Sep, Grand Junction, CO, Speech "New Economics for the New West.

1991, Oct 24, National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics, Speech on Bulletin Board Systems, printed in Proceedings.

1991, Jul 11th, Breadloaf School Conf on Electronic Literature, Taos, NM. Main speaker.

1991, Dec 3, Otero Junior Colleges, Presentation

1991, Aug 15th, 1st International FIDOCON, Denver. Presentation. About global Fido BBS networks - my work in Montana linking 114 one room schools with it.

1991, Dec 12, Soviet Free Press Committee, Rocky Mtn News, Sponsor. Panelist

1991, March 13th, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Speaker

1992, Feb 19, Internal Corrporate Futures Conference, AT&T, Basking Ridge, NJ. Presentation

1992, Nov, National Research Council, Academy of Sciences, Presentor "Rights and Responsibilities of Participants in Networked Communities.'

1992, Mar 28, Colorado Independent Telephone Association, Plenary Speech

1992, May 21st, at United Nations, "Using Information Technology to Promote Sustainable Development"  Conference organized by German Friedrich Ebert Foundation.Presentation, including to some 3d World Ambassadors

1992, Jun 25th, BMUG Annual Meeting, SF, CA. Presentation

1992, Jun 30th, ARPA Special Conference, San Diego, Presentation

1992, Sept 15th, Telestrategies Conference, Presentations

1992, Sept 16th, LITA (Library Institute) Conf, Denver, Plenary Speaker

1992, Oct 2d, ISTE Conference on NREN. Presentation

1992, Nov 17th, Wash DC, IETF Annual Conference, 2 Presentations

1992, Nov 26, IIF-92, International Information Forum, Moscow, Russia, Panelist

1993, Feb, Conference Proceedings, BBS National Conference

1993, June "National Alliance for Media Arts & Culture" Workshop

1993, Oct 14th, Colorado Advanced Technology Institute, Fort Morgan, CO, Main Speaker

1993, Third Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy, Award Ceremony

1993, Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado, ONE BBSCON, Plenary Speaker.

1993, May 10th, Interval Corporation (Paul Allen's Think Tank), "Online Communities", Presenter

1994, June, Defense Information School, Indianapolis, Presentations 

1994, May 5th, Marino Institute 'Evolution of Community Networking' at Apple Computing, CA

1994, Nov 16, Thief River Falls, Minnesota, Telecommunications for Economic Development, Red River Economic Zone, Several Presentations

1994, Jul 12, Pompero, Caracas Venezuela, International Community Communications, Plenary speaker. 

1995, May, Hawaii Conference on Telecommunications, Honolulu. Presenter

1996, May 14, Community Networking, Taos, New Mexico. 

1996, May 28, Colorado Information Managers Association, "The Next Generatio," Plenary Speech

1996, Nov, Freedom Forum Conference, Wash, DC. Presenter

1996, Jun 20, High Plains Health Conference, Lamar, Colo. Presenter

1997, May, Motorola, Shaumberg, Ill, Cross-Industry Working Team, Corporation for National Research Initiatives. "Wireless and Nomadic Technologies" Very Technical. Plenary Session

1997, Oct 22, Emerging Wireless Technologies Conference, George Washington University, Organizer and Plenary Speaker

1998, Nov 12, Los Angeles, Wired 25 Award Conference

1998, Jan 26-29, Reengineering the Internet, London, UK, (Large, European Wide, Conf). Presentations

1998, May 28, Internet and Society, Harvard School of Law, Mass, Plenary Panel

1988, Sep 16th, Gilder Telecosm Conference, Squaw Valley, Plenary Session

1998, Jun 4th, Texas Infrastructure Fund Conference, Univ of Texas, Austin. Plenary session

1998, Jul, 2d Annual Governor's Information Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Keynote speaker

1999, Jul 20th. IEEE Conference. Colorado Springs. Speaker

1999, Aug 4th, 2d Texas Infrastructure Fund Conference, UT, Austin, Speaker

1999, Jun 3d, 3d Annual Governor's Information Conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico. Plenary Speaker.

1999, Nov 5th, CATO Internet Conference, Milpitas, CA, Presentation

2000, March 8th, National Environmental Observatory Network (NEON) Conference, San Diego Supercomputer Center. Presentations

2000, March 30th, New York School of Law Conference on Open Networks, Speaker

2000, July 21st, EPSCOR Conference, San Diego Supercomputer Center, Presentations

2000, Aug 3d, All Scientists LTER Conference, Snowbird, Utah. Presentations