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17958 Hughes, David Ralph 
 About Dave Hughes 
Sampling of appearances of Dave Hughes in local, state, national, and international print publications since graduation in 1950. This list does not include Hughes appearance in entirely 'online' publications, which
have emerged since 1997 on the World Wide Web.

1951, Sep 18, The Austin American, Courage Blazes Even in a War Near Forgotton

1951, Nov 5, Dallas Morning News, Letter from Korea

1952, June 7, Rocky Mountain News Denver, Soldier Wins Freedom Foundation Award

1952, Jul, Columbus Ga Ledger, Korea Combat Stories Land Benning Author in Big Time

1971, May 3, Rocky Mountain News Denver, VOLAR is producing interesting results at Fort Carson

1973, Jul 28th, Gazette Telegraph, Article about Hughes new Information Company

1976, Feb 10, Gazette Telegraph, Bicentennial Chairman Calls for Westside Aid

1978, Sep 17, Gazette, Colorado City is Born Again

1978, Nov 21, Gazette, Chamber Honors Old Colorado City Rebirth

1978, Sep, Laramie, Wyoming Boomarang, Colorado Governor visits Old Colorado City

1979, Feb 1, The Tri-Lakes Tribune, Front Range Overlooks Importance of Small Locally Owned Businesses

1980, Jun 23d, Colorado College, Jean Christopher, Academic Study of Dave Hughes influence in Colorado Springs

1980, May, Colorado Magazine, the Reblooming of Old Town

1980-82, Repeated appearances in Kaypro Magazine about "Electronic Democracy BBS' by Brock Meeks, San Diego journalist.

1980, Aug 3d, Gazette Telegraph "Profiles in Business"

1981 Articles in early Kilobaud and Byte Magazine ("Highways of the Mind")

1981, Dec, Sourceworld Magazine, "Online for a Degree" - first national report on Hughes pioneering College Courses online

1981, Dec 18, Colorado Springs SUN, 93 Persons named as most influential in city

1982, Gazette Telegraph, West Side Renovation dream come true for Hughes

1982, Summer, Dallas Morning News, Brian Starfire "Home Terminals Used to Teach Courses"

1983, April, Morgan Times Review, article about Hughes use of BSS for Business

1983, Jul 7th, Wall Street Journal - lengthy article on Hughes & BBSs

1983, Jan, Manitou Springs Journal, "The Public Bytes Back"

1983, Nov, Colorado Springs SUN, 'Some use Computers to Debate Computers"

1983, Nov 7th, Colorado Springs SUN, Editorial supporting Hughes prodding city hall to computerize

1983, Nov, Boulder Camera, On Computer Bulletin Boards and Hughes pioneering.

1983, Oct 7, Denver Post "Computerized Bulletin Boards Pinpoint Ideas"

1993, May, The Great NAPLPS Oddesy - a compendium privately published to honor Dave Hughes

1984, Apr 19, USA Today, Now Even Free Speech is Computerized

1984, Jan 2d, Colorado Springs SUN, 'Pioneers Here Draw National Attention"

1984, Jan, Popular Computing, Steve Levy "The Poet Laureate of the Network Nation"

1984, Feb, Boulder Camera, Article on Community Bulletin Boards

1984, Apr 17th, Denver Post "Hart is Center of Campaign Waged by Computer"

1984, Jul, Communications World "Saloon Journalist Turns Electronic Publisher"

1984, Nov 2d, Wall Street Journal, Erik Larson "Interactive Computer Services Become New Literary Medium"

1984, Nov 9th, Wall Street Journal, David Stipp, Computer Bulletin Boards Fret over Liability for Stolen Data"

1984, Nov 23d, Pikes Peak Journal, "Revolution via Computer Keys"

1984, Dec, American Cemetary Journal "Story on Hughes Post-Mortem Telecommuting"

1984, Willard Uncapher, Thesis for completion of Masters Degree at Annenberg School of Communications "Rural Grassroots Telecommunications,"

1984, Dec, New Age Journal "The Birth of Network Nation"

1985, Feb, Video Magazine. Graphic E-mail - Hughes NAPLPS software innovation.

1985, May, Whole Earth Review, Stewart Brand "Hackers 84" an extended report. Hughes featured with Wosniak and other pioneers

1985, July 19th, Washington Post, 'Computers Becoming Nation's Bulletin Boards

1985, August, New York Times, "Of Bytes and Bulletin Boards"

1985, Aug 15th, Gazette Telegraph "On-Line Crime" Hughes views of a celebrated local case.

1985, Gamut Magazine, Word Dance - Electronic Creative Writing and the Digitized Word

1985, Nov 25th, Time Magazine, 'Here Come the Networkers"

1986, Jan, International Association of Business Communicators "Electronic Bulletin Board Gives Communicators New Public Interface"

1986, Nov 10th, Subroutines, David Bunnells' Newsletter. Hackers 2.0 Coverage. 

1986, Dec 14th, Rocky Mountain News Sunday Magazine, "David R Hughes, Poet Laureate of the Network Nation" Cover story

1986, Feb 17, Rocky Mountain News, "Electronic Town"

1986, Time-Life Books, "Communications"

1986, Dec 14th, Rocky Mountain News, Feature Article

1987, Apr 9, Gazette Telegraph, Dark House Council Win Amazing - report on Hughes helping engineer political upset by use of computer Bulletin Board (BBS)

1987, Pacific Bell's House Publication (all employees, and stockholders), 'Electronic Citizenship'

1987, Dec, Microtimes Magazine, 'Computers and Communities'

1987, Aug, Communications Daily, Wash DC, 'Mountain Bell'

1987, July 17, Pikes Peak Journal

1987, June 17th, Sunday Oklahoman, Article on Old Colorado City Revitalization

1987, Mar 19, STERN MAGAZINE, Germany, 'Seine Bibel Ist Der Chip'

1987, June, German-American Cultural Society. On Stern story

1988, Jun 3, Colorado Statesman, Colorado Springs Invents Online Politics

1988, May, Spacewatch Magazine, Opening 'Space Net'

1988, June, Washington Post Magazine, Susan Thomas, 'Tavern on the Screen'

1988, Jun 3, Colorado Statesman, Colorado Springs Invents Online Politics

1989, Nov 21s, Spokane Falls Communicator, "A View from Beyond the Great Wall"

1989, April, Kansai Time Out (Tokyo), Electronic Democracy in Colorado

1989, Sep 1, Yomuri Shimbun Newspaper, Tokyo, Japan (9 million circ), on Hughes Electronic Democracy

1989, Sep 2d, Yomuri Shimbun Newspaper, Tokyo, Japan on Hughes Graphical Communications

1989, May, Colorado Springs Summer Guide, 'A Westside Story'

1989, Dec, Japanese Book on American Computing, Section on Rogers Bar and Dave Hughes BBS technology

1989, May, Springs Magazine, Reliving History

1989, Summer, NECTAR - Twics Japanese Communications Newsletter.

1989, Winter, US West Corporate Publication, (all employees, all stockholders) "Big Sky Telegraph"

1990, Montana Standard, Brainy Kids Take Class from MIT by BBS

1990, Apr, Gazette Telegraph, 'Council Enters Computer Age'

1990, Sep, Westside Story Newspaper, 'Coronado High School and MIT Join Online Forces'

1990, Aug, Pueblo Chieftan, Article about MIT Physicist teaching Chaos via Hughes network.

1990, Dec 10, Professional Paper by Dr. George Johnston, Plasma Fusion Center, MIT on 'Distance Learning of Secondary Science and Math Education'

1990, Nov 18th, Gazette Business Magazine, Profile of Dave Hughes

1990, Oct 9th, Gazette Telegraph Newspaper, Article on Hughes linking up with Russia

1991, Mar 8, Pasadena Weekly, 'High Tech Communications Stimulates Gulf-War Debate'

1991, Apr 14th, Rocky Mountain News Commentary, Guest Editorial ; 'Mired in the Past'

1991, Spring, Whole Earth Review, 'Highways of the Mind - Congressional Issues'

1991, May, Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, "Rural American at the Crossroads"

1991, June 10, Microtimes Magazine, The Online Indian Art Gallery

1991, Jun 5th, Communications Daily, DC Newsletter. Hughes questions Congressional action

1991, Summer, Whole Earth Review, "The American Indian Share-Art Gallery"

1992, Jul, Book "Doing Democracy", Chapter on Hughes Electronic Democracy Work

1992, Dec, Chicago 'Art Paper' - the Great Naplps Oddesy

1992, Apr 30, Federal Coordinating Council on Science, Engineering and Technology - paper by Dr. Johnston, MIT on Mathematical Learning by online techniques.

1992, Spring, High Performance Quarterly of the New Arts, "Native American Culture in Cyberspace"

1992, Jan, Macworld. 'Online Aesthetics'

1992, Oct, Japanese Publication, 'BBSs in USA'

1992, May, San Diego Union, "Perot Supporter has put Electronic Democracy Online"

1992, Aug, The Montana Standard, 'Around the World'

1992, Summer, Online Access, 'Ancient Tales Online'

1992, Oct, Boardwatch Magazine "NAPLPS, a new graphic standard"

1993, June, Wired Magazine, Cover Story "The Cursor Cowboy"

1993, Book "The Virtual Community' Howard Rheingold

1993, Feb, Boardwatch Magazine, "American Cowboy in Russia"

1993, Aug, Omni Magazine, "New Technology Meets Ancient Cultures"

1993, Book "The Internet Companion" by Tracey LaQuey

1993, July, Investors Daily, 'How Colorado Company Used Internet as International Business Bridge"

1993, Apr 8, Pueblo Chieftan. "PCC Students get Peek at Cyberspace"

1993, Dec 6th, US News & World Report, 'Plugged In!

1993, Jun 21, Release 1.0 - Esther Dyson Newsletter. Stages online

1994, Nov 7, Time Magazine, Battling for a Slice of Thin Air

1994, Sep 13th, Washington Post, "Tavern on the Screen'

1994, Jul 10, Gazette Telegraph, 'Superhighway Makes Inroads in Rural Areas'

1994, Feb, Aktul Magazine, Istanbul, Turkey - Profile of Hughes work

1994, April, Turkish Edition PC Magazine, NAPLPS by Hughes

1994, Sep, Walden University, Phd Thesis by Katherine Dew 'Practicum in Applied Change' - on Hughes theories of Change

1994, Dec, Proceedings of, National Research Council, Academy of Sciences, "Rights and Responsibilities of Participants in Networked Communities.'

1994, May, Time-Life Books, Shadows of Death.

1995, June, GOVERNING, Magazine of States and Localities, 'Attack of the Cursor Cowboys'

1995, Oct 28, Gazette Telegraph, Low Tech Schools to Get Connected - Wirelessly

1995, Winter, Who Cares Magazine, Journal of Service and Action, 'The High Tech Future of Social Change"

1995, July, Internet World, Ira Brodsky "Wireless World"

1995, Sep 15-17, USA Today Weekend, 'Net Surfing on a Dime'

1995, Apr 27th, Alamosa Courior, 'Center to be Wireless Testbed'

1995, Sep 30th, Ripley's Believe it or Not. Hughes after death

1996, Feb 9th, Denver Post, 'A Day in the Life' story, Hughes as a subject

1996, July 7, Wyoming Tribune-Eagle "Laramie Gains Internet Online'

1996, Aug 31, Gazette Telegraph Business News "Firm Gets Extension for NSF Wireless Tests'

1996, Sep 6th, Peak Computing, "NSF Million Dollar Grant" news

1997, Sep 21, Lewistown Montana News-Argus, 'Schools Will Get Wired'

1997, August, Senior Times, Old Colorado City History

1997, Dec 3, Gazette Telegraph 'Tiny Museum Makes Waves on the Internet'

1997, Feb 16th, Gazette Telegraph, Western Charm Restored - Old Colorado City

1997, May 4, Rocky Mountain News Business, "Man on a Mission"

1998, Nov, Wired Magazine, "Those Who Dare, the Wired 25" Selection of Hughes as one of world elite 25

1998, Oct, Maine Inter-Island News, New Wireless Technologies Offer Hope for Island Internet Access

1998, Jan-Feb, Mar-Apr, Assembly Magazine, 'Once More Into the Fire'

1999, Jan National School Boards Association Journal "The Internet Unplugged" Story of Hughes connecting up rural, poor, schools

1999, Aug 10th, Dallas Morning News, "Where the Phone Lines End"

1999, Feb 5, Cheyenne Mountain Edition, Dave Hughes Old Colorado CIty's Cyber-historian

1999, Mar 11, Rocky Mountain News Editorials, Big Reunions for Some Old Soldiers

1999, Jan 8, Denver Business Journal, Colorado's Broadband Cowboy

1999, Jan, Colorado Business Magazine, San Luis Stopgap

1999, Sep 27, Inside Business, Hughes Wins $1,029,000 NSF Grant

1999, Aug 10th, Dallas Morning News, Where the Phone Lines End

1999-2000 Many reprints of Hughes articles and editorials on No Gun Ri and the Korean War. Too numerous to enumerate here.

2000, June, several articles and references in Rocky Mountain News, Korea 

2000, August, Book, 'Return to Glory' by Bill McWilliams