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Directions for your WP-ORG username and Password

The first thing you should do is change your password at:

Be careful not to use any unusual characters in your password, such as the following:

Your default email address is related to your cullum number (wp<cullum> You are entitled to one email "alias", such as "john.doe", which would give you an email address of That alias is aliased to the wp<cullum> address. See "admin page" below, to establish your alias.

Your email settings:
POP (incoming) server =
SMTP (outgoing) server =
username and password (has either been sent to you in the past, or, if this is a new request, will be sent to you following this email)

We have a "POP before SMTP" protocol using the Sendmail program. What this means to you, using Argon as your SMTP server, is that you must check for new email messages prior to trying to send any email. For most, this follows normal routine, will be transparent and will not cause any undue headaches. This is how POP before SMTP works: When you log onto the server and check your mail, the server notes the IP address from which the connection was made. The server will permit you to retrieve and send mail from that IP address for 15 minutes following each authentication (mail check). When you check your mail, you are authenticated as a valid user by the POP daemon. Your IP address is put into an "authenticated" file for 15 minutes. When you go to send mail, the sendmail daemon looks in this file for your IP number and, if it finds it, it lets you relay (send your message). After 15 minutes of inactivity with the POP daemon, your IP address is removed. However, if the timeout is set for 15 minutes and your mail client checks For new mail every 5 minutes, you will always be authenticated. After all that explanation, the two things to remember in this spam- necessitated new world order are the following:

1. Always check for mail before attempting to send mail.
2. Set your email client to check for new mail at less than 15-minute intervals.

Your homepage is here:<classyear>/<cullum#>
Your admin page is here:<classyear>/<cullum#>/admin

To access your admin page, go to the URL above, enter your username and password, click on Cullum Number to 'Edit Personal Record', enter your username and password again and you will be taken to your admin page

We're proud to roll out an extended beta test of a new application, the Online Ward Book. Based on the Class of 1964's Ward Book - a periodic compilation of contact and personal information for each member of the Class of '64 - WP-ORG has created an online version to chronicle the living histories of ALL classes. Class bonding and cohesion is directly related to lifetime support of AOG and USMA. There is no greater 'multiplier' than this effort, especially for those younger classes, competent in internet technology, dispersing into civilian pursuits more quickly than prior classes. This is directed toward the graduates in our community. Here's how it looks for my page..

How does it work? Each graduate has a login based on their Cullum number. It is the same login and password as for your WP-ORG e-mail accounts (i.e., for Jack Price it is wp25244 since his cullum number is 25244) ***Note, you MUST change your automatically generated password (which will come to you in that separate email following this) in order for your login to work in the Ward Book login area.

Go to:

Log in (click the "Log In" button in the left-hand column) with your WP-ORG login (username = wpXXXXX where XXXXX is your Cullum number) and password. When you are logged in, you'll see 5 buttons at the top for "Basic Info", "Cadet Co.", "Children", "Addresses", and "Remarks". For the first-time user, click on each of those in order and fill in the information. This creates your basic entry that you can view by clicking on "Your Entry" at the top right. The "Remarks" section is an area for you to add comments and family history. More "Remarks" can be added at any time, all are archived for historical use.

Since this is personal information, we have incorporated several levels of viewing permissions. The default security is set such that only a graduate can view your entry. However, you may restrict this further to Graduates in Your Class Only or totally Private. Or you may choose to make the entry Public.

Our servers do not support MS Frontpage extensions.

If you have any questions, please email me.

Dian Welle

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