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Problems with your mail?

Your ISP may have instituted Port 25 blocking. It is their thought that it will stop spammers from sending out huge waves of unauthorized junk email by preventing email from being sent out through any mail servers other than their own. With Port 25 blocking, anyone logged in to an access number through their personal ISP will only be able to send mail through that ISP's mail servers, thereby allowing them to block spam sent out through their network.

Unfortunately, this is a problem and inconvenience if you have an email account with someone other than your ISP.

Any member of that ISP who has a secondary email account that is not an one of that ISP account is no longer be able to send email using that secondary account's outgoing (SMTP) mail servers. You will still be able to receive email normally through these accounts, but in order to send email, you need you to make a change.

In your email software, you have two options to fix the problem; 1. change your outgoing (SMTP) mail server for all secondary accounts to the SMTP server listed for your ISP. This will have no impact on how your sent mail appears or on the ability of people to reply to you at your secondary email account. 2. Change your SMTP port to our alternate WP-ORG port: 587. Most mail programs are very easy to change the port you're using to SMTP to, however, with Eudora, it is a little trickier, and the directions are here (make sure you do this while Eudora is not running):

We have a "POP before SMTP" protocol using the Sendmail program. What this means to you, using Argon as your SMTP server, is that you must check for new email messages prior to trying to send any email. For most, this follows normal routine, will be transparent and will not cause any undue headaches. This is how POP before SMTP works: When you log onto the server and check your mail, the server notes the IP address from which the connection was made. The server will permit you to retrieve and send mail from that IP address for 15 minutes following each authentication (mail check). When you check your mail, you are authenticated as a valid user by the POP daemon. Your IP address is put into an "authenticated" file for 15 minutes. When you go to send mail, the sendmail daemon looks in this file for your IP number and, if it finds it, it lets you relay (send your message). After 15 minutes of inactivity with the POP daemon, your IP address is removed. However, if the timeout is set for 15 minutes and your mail client checks For new mail every 5 minutes, you will always be authenticated. After all that explanation, the two things to remember in this spam- necessitated new world order are the following:

1. Always check for mail before attempting to send mail.
2. Set your email client to check for new mail at less than 15-minute intervals.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have recently experienced in sending email through WP-ORG's Argon server.

If you need any further assistance from me, please let me know,
Dian Welle

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