PHP software upgrade…or what happened to our JOOMLA site?

As you were aware from prior warning(s), WP-ORG scheduled major changes to our servers.  We needed to phase out older versions of JOOMLA (e.g., version 1.5) so that we can upgrade our PHP software on the server. We did that yesterday, converting over to a platform that allows for very powerful WordPress websites.  We no longer support old/insecure JOOMLA sites.  If we host your Society or class page, and it was built on JOOMLA, that site will no longer show when you click on your URL. 

  • What happened to my older version JOOMLA site?
    • Your old documents are not lost. Everything was backed up. We can place many of your menus/stories into WordPress for you.
    • We can convert your current JOOMLA site to a WordPress site, and assist you in learning how to use it.  If you can use a computer, you can manage a WordPress site.  It really is that user friendly.
    • If you opt to convert your JOOMLA site into WordPress, your existing articles will be moved into WordPress, but may lose their current formatting.  
    • Images will be saved, but must be managed with a WordPress Image Plugin of your choosing.  
    • There is no fee for us to convert your site to WordPress.  All you need to do is ask us to switch you over. (write to us at

These changes will not affect HTML websites.  

Author: Dian Welle