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Please feel free to use these wallpapers on your personal computers. All images are the property of the photographers and WP-ORG, and are not to be used on any other website without expressed permission.


Changing your computer's wallpaper (its background image) does a lot more than show off your technical savvy. It enhances your surroundings by displaying a favorite image every time you turn on your monitor. So why not put something that makes you smile on display for everyone to see? And here's a secret: It is a very simple process. In a few quick clicks, you'll be able to express yourself in a new and fun way.

ONLY pictures taken by our members, and freely provided to us will be used. NO professional pictures (that may violate copyright laws).

Windows Directions:

Click the link of the image size to fit your computer's screen resolution.
Once that file is loaded onto your screen, click on the photo with your RIGHT mouse button.
Select "Set as Wallpaper".


Macintosh Instructions
Click the link of the image size to fit your computer's screen resolution.
Click on the image and wait until you get a pop-up menu.
Choose "Save This Image As." Save the file to your hardrive (remember where you save it).
From the Apple Menu, select Control Panels, Desktop Pictures. Click on "Picture."
Click on "Select Picture" and open the saved image.
Choose "Center on Screen" from the pull-down menu.
Click on the "Set Desktop" button.
Whew...You're done!


copyright 8/27/01