Custom Poster Orders

There are two types of Custom Poster Orders.   

a) The Basic Custom Poster which has 3 images along the bottom:
    - The Color Guard on the left
    - A game related panoramic image in the center
    - YOUR cadet or mid's Company on the right

Click either link below to see a historic Basic Custom Poster sample from a previous game: 

Army Basic Custom Sample

Navy Basic Custom Sample

To order,  go to the West Point Org order site, select the correct company or leadership group from the pull down, and also select the 
and number of posters desired.

b) The Personalized Custom Poster also has 3 images along the bottom, but you can substitute other images instead of the ones used in the Basic Custom Poster. Click here to see how parents have personalized the custom poster with various game images that can be found in the galleries on SmugMug, or images that parents took at the game. There is an additional $10 one time donation required for every image substituted from the Basic Poster. Thus, if you replace one image from the Basic poster, the donation will be $10. If you move or replace all 3 images, the donation will be $30. I will work with you interactively by email to "approve" the design before giving you detailed instructions on how to order properly. Do NOT order a Personalized Custom poster until we have agreed upon the design. Send me an email to begin the process. 

IMPORTANT - Personalized images must be game related, and must be images that you have the rights to use. No copyrighted images from other sources can be used. If you wish to use your personal images,  the desired formats of the 3 images (from left to right) are in formats of 1:1.5, 1:2.25 (slightly panoramic), and 1:1.5. I can crop them for you as we design collaboratively.  

Each image will be custom printed, mounted on a hardboard, ready for framing at 18" x 24", and delivered in an oversize flat box to you. The basic custom poster order will be priced at $150, plus any one time personalization donations, with extra posters for $75 each.

For questions and customization instructions, write to ArmyNavyProject@gmail.com.