If you already know what you want, you can go to the Quick Start guide (below) to select the right ordering site for your selections.

Standard Posters

- The large poster measures 18"x24” and is shipped rolled in a tube. You can order the posters via SmugMug, and delivery will take approximately one week. Or you can continue to use the WP-Org site at a lower cost, especially for multiple posters. This poster will fit a commonly available 18x24” frame and look beautiful on your wall.

- The small poster now measures 9"x12” and is only available via the SmugMug order site. There will be the option to order the "Legacy" size (10"x13") via the SmugMug site. The print dimensions changed for the 2015 game poster. This change should only affect Class of 2018 parents.

Custom Posters

- This is an individually printed 18"x24" poster with three images along the bottom. Your poster will be customized as you select the company or leadership image that you would like to insert at the bottom right position. It will be shipped to you in a flat box, mounted on a sheet of masonite for stability, and ready to frame.

- You can also "personalize" the custom poster by choosing any of the three images along the bottom of the poster, for an additional donation.

-Click here for more details.

Company Images

- These are close up images of the companies and leadership positions on the field at the march-on. Look at the bottom of each image in the gallery to quickly find the company name.

- You can now order physical prints in sizes ranging from 4"x6” to 12"x18” in addition to high quality electronic downloadable images.

- Because some images “fit” better on different paper sizes, carefully choose your desired physical print dimensions as it is possible to accidentally crop out parts of the companies. For example, Army company “E” or Navy company “5” could possibly fit better on an 8"x10" than an 8"x12" format, while Army company “A” or Navy company “1” might lose the edges of the company if an 8"x10" was used. The SmugMug gallery shows the effect of each size selection when you order – just watch carefully.

Miscellaneous Game Images

- You can now order both prints and electronic images from Game Day. The subjects may include the Glee Club, Patriot Games finals, Prisoner Exchange, Ball Run teams, stadium shots, etc. Again, watch the effect of your size selection on the cropping of the image as some images just fit better on some formats when printed.

Historical Posters

- We support ordering of the most recent game years on the Army Navy Order site or the SmugMug order site. Contact me via email for special ordering instructions if you are interested in posters from earlier years.

-The inventory is limited so some years may go out of stock, but will be available through SmugMug at a higher price.


I want to order: Use the WP-Org Order Site Use the SmugMug Order Site
Current Year Images  
Large Army or Navy Posters Yes Yes 1
Small Army or Navy Posters No Yes 2
Company Images (electronic or prints) No Yes 3
Misc Game Images (electronic or prints) No Yes 3
Custom Posters Yes 4 No
Personalized Custom Posters Yes 4,7 No
Prior Year Images  
2016 Army or Navy Large Poster Yes Yes 2
2015 Army or Navy Large poster Yes Yes 2
2014 Army LARGE poster No 5 Yes
2014 Army SMALL poster Yes7 Yes
2014 Navy LARGE or SMALL posters Yes7 Yes
2013 and earlier to 2007 - LARGE or SMALL posters Yes 7 Yes 8
All prior years Company images No Yes 8
All prior years Miscellaneous Game Images No Yes 8
Key Difference Between the Order Sites:  
If you want multiple and / or historical posters at a discount, please use the WP-Org Order Site by mid February.
1 Use the SmugMug site at any time (after the images are loaded) to get your order faster, understanding that it is more expensive and there are no volume discounts. This will be your ordering option after the WP-Org order site closes. Please ignore the heading on the SmugMug site that implies these images came from “Compact Cameras”. I can not change the heading – these are HIGH quality images.
2 All current year Army or Navy small posters must be ordered through SmugMug. The current year small posters will measure 9x12”. For parents of Class of 2018, if you need the larger 10x13" size, order from the "Legacy Small Poster" gallery on SmugMug.  
3 You can order both electronic downloadable images AND physical prints of various sizes. For physical prints, please watch the cropping as it appears on the order screen to get the optimum size / format.
4 Custom posters are 18x24”, with 3 added images. One image is customizable to your cadet / midshipman's company or leadership position. The photographic paper is then mounted on masonite and shipped flat to your home. Additional customization is available for a fee.
5 My inventory is low. Contact me by email to see if I have any stock.
6 I have inventory and will make these posters available through the WP-Org site.
7 Contact me via email on how to order
8 Contact me via email – I will load prior years images upon request so that you can order
FYI: SmugMug Mounting and Finishing Options
Contact me: ArmyNavyProject@gmail.com  
WP-Org Order site: https://secure.west-point.org/ANP/  
SmugMug Order site: https://armynavypanoramaproject.smugmug.com/  
-- PLEASE be careful as you order.
-- I cannot fix order entry mistakes from the SmugMug site.