“I am a tenured university professor, a published author and an internationally respected scholar. I have a wonderful, loving family. I have lived life to the fullest since I left West Point, encountering exotic cultures, acquiring a lifetime-and-a-half worth of esoteric knowledge and embarking upon adventures across the globe that I would have never known had I stayed on to graduate. But I would be lying if I said there aren’t times when I lie awake at night and wonder how I would answer if someone – or something – materialized at the foot of my bed and said ‘With a wave of my hand, you’ll wake up at Camp Buckner in the summer of ’81 as a nineteen-year-old cadet with another shot at that class ring and no memory of any of this…What’ll it be?’…

The Academy is just as dominating a presence in the psychological landscape of the former cadet as it is for the graduate – perhaps even more so, as it is a legacy of pride and nostalgia that is also tinged with longing and regret. And for better or worse, that is something you wake up and go to sleep with every day for the rest of your life...”

-Former Cadet, ’80-’82, Class of 1984

The AFWPC is an online community of former cadets who completed at least one full academic year at West Point and were involuntarily separated before graduation under honorable circumstances (i.e., for academic, medical or other non-honor-related administrative reasons). If these qualifications apply to your current status, or if you are a cadet who strongly suspects that they may apply to you in the immediate future, it would behoove you to read on. 

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