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Benjamin R. (Jamie) Morris
October 12, 1975 - November 6, 1998

Jamie Morris

First Classman Benjamin R. (Jamie) Morris died Friday, 6 November, of natural causes. Jamie is survived by his parents, Ben and Nancy Morris, and a younger brother, Aaron, who is currently a Third Classman at West Point. Jamie was engaged to be married to Tesha Farris.

Jamie was very active in USMA's Pipe & Drums and was the Pipe Major of that organization. His parents, Ben and Nancy Morris, are past and current presidents of the Gulf Coast of Florida Parents Club. They have been extremely active in support of West Point and parent activities.


Messages of condolence may be sent to:

Ben&Nancy Morris
501 W. Davis Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33606

Contributions in lieu of flowers are requested to be sent to:

Cadet Activities
Pipes & Drums - in Memory of Jamie Morris
Eisenhower Hall
West Point, NY 10996


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