47156 DELISLE Dana


    5 October 1995 

Post Eulogy Eulogy
I have written an obituary for Dana Delisle that I can tell you right now doesn't come close to honoring him to the extent he deserves, but it is factual and Lynn (Andersen) Delisle has blessed-off on it. I paid my respects at his funeral during which John Thee gave a powerfully moving eulogy. For those of you who never had the pleasure to know Dana, he was an incredibly strong soul who was deep, deep down good, never unkind. He loved his wife and the soldiers that he was so proud to command. For me, the consolation is that he died at a point in his life that I believe was the pinnacle, although I'm sure only to that point - and there was so much higher for him to climb.
Deborah Kotulich

Dana Delisle was killed while riding his motorcycle on a narrow German road that passed through farmers' fields and countryside. He was hit head-on by a car driven by a young German racing to pass a bicycle. Dana was proudly commanding B Co, 2-64 Armor Bn of the 1st Bde, 3d Infantry Division out of Schweinfurt, Germany. He was known and respected throughout the Brigade and the Division by reputation as a great Officer and Commander. He was well-liked, and most importantly, respected by the officers, NCO's, and soldiers he commanded and served with.


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