Maura's Mascots creates snow globes with school mascots inside.   The USMA Mule snowglobes come in three different styles of "snow:" regular white "snow," black and gold  glitter "snow," and silver glitter "snow."  These globes are expertly crafted--our company prides itself on the fact that you will find no air bubbles in our globes, as you do in lesser-quality globes.  That's because we hand make each globe and take the time to ensure they are perfect.

These globes are a full 4" in diameter and sit atop a hard wood base.  The base has a brass plaque reading "USMA West Point" and the music box plays the refrain to "On Brave Old Army Team."   Our special thanks to the USMA Band for the musical arrangement--the band is the best!

The mule is also available separately as a figurine.  The sculpted mules have amazing detail--just look at the mule's face.  If you're an Army fan, you've got to have one.

NOTE:  Compare our prices anywhere!  J.C. Penney has a similar globe for a few colleges (not for USMA) selling for $39.99 in its Homevalues 1999 Holiday catalog! (Item SJ 726P7131B)!

Here are the USMA Snowglobes and Mules!


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Last updated 16 September 1998