Maura's PolePeople

Maura's Pole People makes hand-crafted statues from wooden split-rail fence posts.  Each statue is made with pressure-treated wood and indoor-outdoor paint to allow years of display on front porches or inside homes, offices, and businesses.  These are full-sized poles--each is 5.5 feet tall, and 4.5 inches in diameter. Each comes with a cartoon face but may be personalized with hair and eye colors, styles, glasses, race, gender, and choice of clothes colors.  The military pole people come complete with actual military insignia of rank, branch, and specialty skills (airborne, air assault, etc.) and have hand-painted awards, ribbons, decorations, and distinctive unit insignia.

Maura's Pole People has a wide variety of standard (but customizable) poles from which to choose, including:

(Click on the models underlined below to see a photograph of them)

Available options include use of real insignia, team/unit colors and numbers, hair/eye color, race, gender, glasses, and other items.  Most can be mounted with the business card holder option.

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