Maura's Pens

Maura's Pens are the latest in her line of exciting and unique academy-related souvenirs.  Not only  are they fully functional pens, but with their caps on, they are toy cadets and midshipmen as well!  Currently, the only models in stock are the USMA West Point Cadet in Full Dress Gray uniform, and the USNA Annapolis Midshipman in Parade uniform.  We are busy designing others, so check back often as we will add them to this page as they are produced.

The pens are identical in size:  5.5 inches tall, and 9/16 in diameter

Minimum order for these items is five, unless ordering with a globe, lanyard, collar, or Pole Person (it is uneconomical to ship less than five; if ordering with another item, we will include the pen in that item's shipping box).


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