West Point Songs

Alma MaterAlma Mater Army BlueArmy Blue
Benny Havens, Oh!Benny Havens, Oh! The CorpsThe Corps
On, Brave Old Army TeamOn, Brave Old Army Team The Official West Point MarchThe Official West Point March

One Hundred Days 'Till JuneOne Hundred Days 'Till June (MP3 FORMAT)

Gridiron GrenadiersGridiron Grenadiers (MP3 FORMAT)

Slum and GravySlum and Gravy (MP3 FORMAT)

PetitionPetition (MP3 FORMAT)

Other Songs

The Ballad of Rodger YoungThe Ballad of Rodger Young Blood on the RisersBlood on the Risers

What's NewWHAT'S NEW:What's New
USMA Band Bicentennial Recording Project
Leaders for Our Nation, performed by the Fairfax Jubil-Aires, written by Alan Salisbury '58, Introduction
West Point Music, courtesy Virtual West Point
The Knight Caps (a Cadet Glee Club a capella group)
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The West Point Records
33 1/3 mono (1948) (courtesy Donald "Doc" Wuerz 'x55)
The West Point Glee Club
33 1/3 mono 10 inch (1950)
West Point Music
33 1/3 mono 10 inch (circa 1955) (courtesy Lew Higinbotham '62)
Airborne Salute
33 1/3 mono 10 inch and 12 inch (1958)

The Cadet Chapel Organ
33 1/3 mono Vox Records DL 210 (1957)
The Cadet Glee Club
33 1/3 mono (1957)
The Cadet Chapel Choir
33 1/3 mono (1958)
The Army Way
33 1/3 mono (1958) (courtesy Judi van der Kaay)
At Ease
33 1/3 mono (1958)
Cadet Chapel Organ
33 1/3 stereo (1958)
Army Blue
33 1/3 stereo (1959)
Cadet Chapel Organ
33 1/3 stereo Vox Records VX 25-960 (1959)
Church Anthems
33 1/3 stereo (1959)

The Voices of Westpoint
33 1/3 stereo (1957-59)
The Cadet Glee Club, West Point Salutes The Long Gray Line
33 1/3 stereo (1960)
The United States Military Academy Band and Cadet Glee Club West Point
33 1/3 stereo (1966)
Cadet Glee Club
33 1/3 stereo Special Issue WPS 8001 (1980)
Merry Christmas from West Point
33 1/3 stereo (1983)

The United States Military Academy Band and West Point Cadet Glee Club
compact disc (circa 1995)
West Point on the March
compact disc (1998)
Voice of the Corps
compact disc (2003)
Stand Ye Steady
compact disc and DVD (2005)

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Record a 1928 Brunswick 78 rpm record album of "The Official West Point March" and "Football Songs."
Record a 1928 RCA 78 rpm record album of "Alma Mater" and "Football Songs."
Record a 1948 Columbia 78 rpm record album titled "West Point Records, Official Series II."
Request a recording of the '70 Glee Club 7" reel-to-reel tapes.
Request a recording of some custom 33 1/3 record albums done during '54-'58 and '64-'67 by Alan Salisbury '58.
Request a recording of a Wurlitzer 165 band organ playing "The Official West Point March."
Transcribe song book and sheet music notation into MIDI files and record as audio files.

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