Mathematica Notes

This page is a start at examining ways to use Mathematica as a tool in understanding and teaching probability and statistics.

The links from this page will probably not be very useful unless you have a working copy of Mathematica; they usually link to Mathematica notebooks rather than HTML or XML web pages.

Empirical Distribution Functions

Empirical Distribution Functions (EDF) are a way of looking at data in a display similar to a cumulative distribution function. These papers are an attempt to understand how to create and manipulate them in Mathematica.

General characteristics of EDF
This notebook is an attempt to provide a short overview of how to interpret an EDF, oriented toward students who are not yet familiar with probability distributions.  There is a PDF version as well.
Manipulating EDF
This notebook discusses how to plot EDFs, and some introductory discussion on how to fit models (e.g. probability distributions) to them.

Technology Notes

This notebook is an attempt to summarize my notes on the use of personal computer technology in teaching probability and statistics. It resulted from my attempts to record those observations during my annual training visits to USMA, with some additions while at home station. It is not complete—and probably never will be; having retired, I no longer have access to Mathematica (being no longer eligable for the faculty site license and unwilling to pay the rather high list price for the program just to finish this document). As a result, there are probably omissions, errors, and infelicities in this that will not be corrected.

Mathematica notebook version of the Technology Notes for MA206 Instructors.
HTML version of the notebook. Note that this is an export from Mathematica, and as a result is not the most legible web page possible.