The Captain David L. Ramsay Memorial
Saturday, November 20, 1999
Ramsay Park
Washington Street, Roxbury, MA

Captain David L. Ramsay
Born: December 25, 1939
Killed in Action: August 17, 1970

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Captain Ramsay and his family lived at various locations throughout Roxbury, and grew up on Sterling Street, now named the Melnea Cass Boulevard, close to the location of the Memorial.

David Ramsay attended the Asa Gray Elementary and Sherwin Middle Schools in Roxbury, and graduated from Boston English High School in June 1956, having set an outstanding track record.

David Ramsay enlisted in the U.S. Air Force in 1956 and was honorably discharged in 1960. Captain Ramsay was the 47th African American in America to graduate from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1964. He graduated with honors and the distinguished rank of a cadet captain. He was also one of the first African Americans to be appointed to fly with the U.S. Air Force ThunderBirds. Captain Ramsay served as a jet fighter pilot in the Viet Nam war and was killed in action in the republic of Viet Nam on August 17, 1970 having achieved the rank of Captain.

Captain David Ramsay's Awards and Decorations include: Purple Heart, Distinguished Flying Cross, two Meritorious Service Awards, Bronze Star, Viet Nam Campaign Medal, Air Force Good Conduct Medal, two Air Medals, National Defense Service Medal, Silver Star, and Viet Nam Service Medal.

Ramsay Memorial Dedication Ceremony on Saturday, November 20, 1999 at Ramsay Park, Roxbury, Massachusetts


Classmates with Liz Ramsay and class wreath.

From left to right:
Russ Pells (with Toni Pells also present)
Joe Mastriani (with Maryellen also present)
Jed Brown
Bob Magruder
Liz Ramsay
Gary Lavoy


Part of the Ramsay Memorial that was unveiled on November 20, 1999 at Ramsay Park in Roxbury, MA.

There is another polished marble-like stone of this size with David Ramsay's autobiographical sketch.


The actual "Ramsay Memorial"

The modern artwork is centered in an oval of playground about 25 yds. in diameter. This area is at one end of Ramsay Park.

Ramsay Park covers a city block in Roxbury and includes an American Legion Ball Park that is very modern and complete.


David Ramsay's Family

From left to right:
Nicole (2/15/69) - Daughter
Unknown Aunt
Jonathan David - Grandson
Elizabeth (Liz) - Widow
Robert Ramsay (Bob) - '66 USMA - Brother


Classmate Jed Brown speaking on behalf of the Class of 1964, USMA at the Ramsay Memorial Dedication Ceremony in Ramsay Park, Roxbury MA on November 20, 1999.


Mayor of Boston, Thomas M. Menias, speaking about the sacrifice of veterans at the Ramsay Memorial Dedication Ceremony.


Class of 1964, USMA, Classmates who helped dedicate a wreath at the Ramsey Memorial Dedication Ceremony at Ramsay Park in Roxbury, MA.