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The vpFREE Video Poker Group is a free internet forum for the discussion and exchange of information about video poker and video poker related topics.  vpFREE is dedicated to sharing, promoting and preserving good video poker situations that can survive and prosper in an open market environment.

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Every vpFREE member is expected to observe and practice the  vpFREE Posting Guidelines  and the rules of  Netiquette , and to vote in all applicable vpFREE polls and elections.

SUNSHINE POLICY: vpFREE members are expected to report all attractive games they notice in casinos they visit, unless they believe it's better not to publicize the games, either for their own benefit or for the video poker community as a whole.

MODERATION: vpFREE is semi-moderated, which means that established members aren't normally moderated, but individual members can be moderated for cause. All new members are moderated, to help prevent spam messages, until they have made a legitimate post.

FREEvpFREE: Political or religious posts and any extended discussions of off-topic threads should be done on  FREEvpFREE  which is the unmoderated, free speech forum of the vpFREE groups. Disruptive threads will be moved to FREEvpFREE.

PROMOTIONAL POSTS: The preferred method for marketing products and services on vpFREE is an unobtrusive link underneath the signature at the end of a post and/or advertising on the vpFREE Exchange. In addition, a member may make a maximum of one vp-related promotional post in any 6 month period.

TERMS of SERVICE: See   vpFREE Terms of Service .

NON-PROFIT: vpFREE is, and will always remain, a non-profit operation. Neither vpFREE nor the vpFREE Administrator has any financial interest, direct or indirect, in any commercial video poker related product or endeavor.

ADMINISTRATION: The vpFREE Administrator makes, interprets and enforces the rules and policies for vpFREE, subject to oversight from the vpFREE Administrative Committee.

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