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Dear Society Presidents:

The following information (including accommodation and transportation details not contained in this message) is being mailed to
all societies and classes.  I wanted to give you a heads up via email to let you know what's going on.  We really need your help to determine the conference content.   Please let me know any way you can what we need to accomplish at this conference, what sessions you need, what seminars, etc.  And, if you've got ideas on who we should ask to present the various topics/discussion forums, etc., let me know.

I really appreciate your help, and wish you all the best from West Point.  If you have any questions, let me know.


 ***Annual Conference Moved to August***

The 12th Annual West Point Societies Presidents Conference has been moved to August to coincide with the Reception Parade of the Class of 2002 and other kickoff Bicentennial Activities.  The idea to move the conference came from Colonel Dennis Rosenberry '68, the President of the West Point Society of South Texas.  After polling Societies and Classes, we found overwhelming support for this idea.  We have explored all logistics involved in rescheduling the conference and can support the
move.  Here is the information you will need to begin planning:


August 13 & 14;  Please see the enclosed planning agenda


This will be a working conference.  Attire for all conference activities will be CASUAL, i.e., slacks and open collars-no ties.

If you will be attending Saturday's Bicentennial Activities (15 August), you will need to wear a jacket and tie.  (Actual participants
will be wearing their USMA blazers with Class Crests, gray slacks and West Point tie.)


We have made reservations at five (5) local hotels.  The rooms have been reserved on a space available basis.  Please see the enclosed Accommodations form.


We will provide necessary transportation for all conference events.

The enclosed agenda is our rough planning agenda.  We have locked down all conference facilities;  but we need your help with the content.  Feedback from past conferences tells us to stay away from lengthy briefings.  We are going to do that.  You will note that most of this conference will be devoted to working sessions.  This is where we need your help.  What do we need to talk about?  What kinds of seminars should be offered?  What topics are important to your society?  Who should lead the seminars/sessions?

Blocking conference time and facilities is the easy part of the agenda.  The hard part is making the agenda work for you.  Please
complete and return the enclosed Topic Survey at your earliest convenience.  We need all the input we can get to make this a valuable conference for you and all Society Presidents.


Rough Agenda Society Presidents/Class Leaders

Wednesday 12 August Early Bird Activities

Thursday 13 August

0900-1000 Conferee Brunch    West Point Club

1030-1100 Welcome/Orientation    Thayer Hall (S. Aud.)

1100-1300 Superintendent's Update   Thayer Hall (S. Aud.)

1300-1330 Break

1330-1630 Breakout Sessions    Thayer Hall

1830  Cocktails     Herbert Alumni Center

1930  Dinner      Herbert Alumni Center

Friday, 14 August 0800-0830 Coffee & Danish    Thayer Hall
0830-1130 Breakout Sessions    Thayer Hall

1200-1330 Lunch      West Point Club

1400-1630 Breakout Reports & Conference Wrap Up Thayer Hall (S. Aud.)

Saturday, 15 August Bicentennial Activities  (USMA)
0900  Bicentennial Plaque Unveiled   Bldg. 600

1000  Reception Parade for USMA 2002  The Plain

1130  Luncheon Eisenhower Hall


Greg Louks
Director, Organizational Support
Association of Graduates, USMA
Phone:  (914) 446-5860
Fax:  (914) 446-5325