Leader's Conference


Subject: Leader's Conference

Thursday, April 09, 1998 1:14 PM

John Snodgrass
VP Alumni Support

Dear John,

This is a request for an expanded presence for WP-ORG in this year's Class and Societies Leaders Conference. Our appearance last year was arranged with Greg Loukes, but I understand he has moved up to greater responsibilities. Traffic on the net indicated Rusty Correia was in charge of this, but, in a phone conversation last night, he has passed the buck to you!

WP-ORG has grown to 10,000 graduates on our well over 100 listservers and associated web pages. Two of the five new missions for AOG:

(2) Harness the growing e-mail communication techniques

(3) Initiate a strategic plan to sell West Point to the U.S. public deeply involve WP-ORG in their support of the West Point Community and management of the community/society interface. We are continually expanding our capabilities in these areas and would like to have the opportunity to explain to the attendees what we have achieved.

Most of the class leaders are not the 'action officers' for their organizations. Our moderators have appeared from the ranks of those active in computer technology. As these communications grow in significance, it becomes increasingly important for the leaders to be educated in their use and not have their traditional role, by default, go to communications moderators. If this is not the desired evolution, this audience needs a jump start.

Much of the structured dissemination of current information along traditional lines is never getting down to the grass roots of our communities. My own society president doesn't have a computer, is not knowledgeable in the technology, and all distribution dies there.

In addition to the breakout session we provided last year, we would like to have a 15 minute presentation to the general session for a quick run through of current capabilities and overview of our infrastructure. We'll provide a handout to be placed in the folders for attendees if you'll give us a date by which you need this.

We would like to have two attendees to the conference to be able to handle the presentations smoothly.

Thanks in Advance!

Jack Price '64