Southwest Oklahoma

The purpose of this page is to attempt to provide admissions-related information to members of the West Point Society of Texoma, as well as other individuals who wish to participate in the Southwest Oklahoma Admissions effort.

The admissions effort here in Southwest Oklahoma is not a highly structured operation. It is whatever we decide it should be. Basically the Admissions office at USMA attempts to have a Zip Area Coordinator for every zip area in the U.S. Not every zip area has such a coordinator - in some cases, an individual will have more than one zip area (as some in Oklahoma do). Our zip area has a designated zip area coordinator, Rafael Ortiz. The zip area (designated as OK-B) is the area in SW Oklahoma with zip codes beginning with 735 and 734. This generally means the area shown in the following map Zip Area OK-B map. Major cities in the area include Altus, Lawton/Ft. Sill, Duncan and Ardmore. The schools covered in our area are shown in this OK-B School Listing.
Here is an Admissions Video: Leaders For a Lifetime shown to candidates and provides good information about the academy.
Here is an Admissions slide show also shown to candidates and provides good admissions information about USMA.
...More to follow....