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Advanced Individual Academic Development Program

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Huntsville AOG members,

Attached is some information regarding West Point's Advanced Individual Academic Development Program.  Marty Eaton and I coordinate this for AMRDEC and facilitate AIAD for other entities here at Redstone. Currently, we are soliciting input for job descriptions for Cadets to perform engineering activities at RSA this summer.  We can assist with your receiving a cadet whether you are with AMRDEC or another entity located at Redstone. Additionally, private industry can provide funding for their own cadets.  However, we need some assistance.

The cadets have to choose their summer location for training based upon input we will provide to West Point.  Last year was the first year we did this and we initially had no specific job descriptions and provided only generic information about AMRDEC and Redstone Arsenal; which didn't induce a lot of cadets to volunteer.  An exciting engineering job description enhances the chance a cadet may choose Redstone from their many choices.

Please take a look at the attached information and give either Marty Eaton or I a call and we can provide further assistance.  Please also forward us any job descriptions, the sooner the better, but hopefully prior to 4 December.

Jobs should be about three weeks in duration and provide the cadets the opportunity to conduct actual engineering.  Note the flier primarily mentions "systems engineering" but any type engineering can be proposed.

USMA Cadet Internship Participation (2010) Flyer

AOG Ltr A 2010 (geno) handout version


Bill Crawford, 1980
Advanced Science and Technology Directorate
Capabilities Branch
256 313 2408 (office)
256 975 3610 (cell)

Marty Eaton, 1980
955 0183 office

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