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Who is Coming Founders Day 2009

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These folks are currently registered for Founders Day 2009 as of March 2..

1950 Grayson Tate
1956 Herb and Jane Wagenheim
1957 Robert and Claudia Westerfeldt
1958 Richard and Barbara Kloskowski
1958 Tommy and Middie Thomson
1959 James and Gurdun Burwell
1959 Jimmy C. and Clara Hill
1959 Bill and Genie McCoy
1960 Chabot and Margo Chabot
1960 James and Barbara McCollum
1960 Don and Jean Summers
1962 Bill and Rusty Burns
1962 Arthur and Ceaelia Miller
1962 Ronald and Madaline Skarupa
1962 Ted Stroup
1962 Stan and Pam Thomson
1963 Larry and Brenda Capps
1963 Art and Amy Meier
1963 William C. and Wanda Turpin
1964 Mike and Jo Moran
1965 Zig and Linda Roebuck
1965 Tim and Sandy Thames
1966 John and Gina Zierdt
1967 William and BJ Brigadier
1967 Macy and Laura Brown
1967 Kent and Roberta Kraus
1967 Don and Sarah Curtis
1969 Louis and Jenny Curl
1970 Jack and Bev Crabtree
1971 Joseph and Helen Bergamtz
1971 Robert and Louise Jacobson
1971 Randy and Joan Oliver
1971 Steve and Nancy Rice
1972 Jerome and Suzanne Gabig
1972 Jerry and Pat Hamilton
1972 Walter  and Sandy Seifried
1972 Robert and Sabina Wank
1972 Will and Kay Webb
1973 George and Marcie Nobles
1974 Jeff Cerny
1974 Roberta Malcolm
1974 John and Jeanne Welt
1975 Russel Killebrew
1976 Reamer and Beth Argo
1976 William D and Ann Clingempeel
1976 Brian and Audrey Osterndorf
1976 EJ and Susan Sinclair
1977 Matthew and Mary Forbes
1977 Marc and Denise Jacobson
1978 Richard and Michelle DeFatta
1978 Bill and Nancy Forrester
1979 Paul and Debbie Gardner
1980 William and Lori-Ann
1980 Bill and Ann Crawford
1980 Steve Dwyer
1980 Marty and Carol Eaton
1980 Doug and Natalie Litavec
1981 Tom and Pandora Economy
1981 Brian and Teresa Lee
1982 Rick  and Denise Sullivan
1984 Stephen and Ramona Kreipe
1984 Mick and Cheryl McGuire
1984 Steve and Moira Taylor
1985 Jon Anderson and Cee Chamberlain
1985 Valerie Coffey and Mike Britz
1985 Mike and Paula Haider
1985 Charles and Michelle Packard
1986 Joseph and Susan Creekmore
1987 Mike and Michelle Lyman
1994 Paul Andrzejewski
1995 Stephen and Jennifer Case
2005 La'Berrick Williams
Associate Member Mark and Lori Smith
Friend of West Point Tom and Christa Devanney
Friend of West Point Robert and Marilyn Whiteford

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