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Run for the Fallen

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The West Point "Be thou at Peace" run to honor the 63 West Pointers who have fallen during this war will be conducted starting at 0700 hrs at the Cross Country Park. I will need volunteers to man the sign in tables, assist with the start point, and a couple folks to position on the course to guide the runners/walkers. But most of all, I need every grad available to be there to run/walk one or more miles, each mile in honor of a specific WP grad who has fallen.

The public "Run for the Fallen" run/walk will take place on the same course, beginning at 0800hrs. In this run/walk, members of the public will be able to run/walk a mile in honor of a specific fallen warrior from Iraq. They will receive information on the person they are representing, including that warrior's sequence in the order of the fallen, their name, rank, branch of service, date of death, and if available, hometown, photo, and other details. With well over 4000 fallen warriors to be honored, we hope for a large turnout among the public. Again, I'll need volunteers to help get folks signed in, oriented, started, guide them on the course, and keep things moving.

I've attached a draft flyer to this email for everyone's use. Please assist in getting this email to as many West Pointers as possible.

Thanks, see you on the 24th.

Marty J. Eaton
AMCOM Operations Center

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