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WPSTV notes - April

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At the monthly Society luncheon on Tuesday, we discussed several topics.

The first topic was a change in next months meeting.  Due to the scheduled Tactical Missile Conference being on our regular meeting date of the third Tuesday of the Month, we will change the meeting to May 13.  It will be held at the Veterans Museum in John Hunt Park.  The lunch will be provided by the Society, BBQ!.  There will be two speakers that day.  The first speaker will be COL Mark Smith.  He is the commander of Fox and he will briefly run down what Fox is now doing for both the Active and Retired community.  He was also a TAC at West Point at one time, has a son who is a grad, and he will share some of those experiences with us.  The second speaker will be from the Museum staff on the latest with City.  See the website to note that you are coming so we have a good count for the BBQ.

Don’t forget to sign up at the website for the free Army home football tickets.

We are working on a Survey that will be put on the website to allow all to indicate what you would like the Society to do, where to have Founders Day, etc.  When it is ready, we will let you know.

June 14th – Mark your calendars – This is the Army Birthday and also Flag Day.  There will be a big event downtown at the site of Veterans Memorial (to be built).  All of the various veteran organizations will be represented and we are planning on having a table with Admission Information.  Jody Creekmore is running this, if you would like to help, contact him. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   I understand we may even have a Cadet present.  The overall reason is to get as many veterans in the park as they can, then take an overhead picture of everyone.  More information will be coming.

There was some discussion about other venues for Founders Day, so when the survey comes out, put in your suggestions.  One was the Museum of Art along with Military Art showing.

Art Meier ‘63


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