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Items of interest

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I just wanted to pass on a few items of interest:

1st the February Society Luncheon date will be 12 February – a week earlier than normal.  This is an important meeting, since by our by-laws it is the annual business meeting, where nominations are received for the vacating positions.  The other major item of the meeting is to make the basic plans for the coming year, so if there is something you wish the Society to get involved with, this is your opportunity to bring the idea up, or if you have ideas for speakers at the luncheons, or lastly to make comments on what the Society is or is not doing.  Final item will be any loose ends of Founders Day or the Dedication of the Bricks.

At the meeting on Tuesday (which had an above average of turn-out – thank you) it was suggested that we invite the officers of WPAOG to attend the dedication and Founders Day.  I have sent invitations to Ted Stroup ’62, Chairman and Bob McClure ’76, President and CEO, with the note that if they can not attend, if possible could a Board Member and/or Senior Staff officer of the WPAOG be made available – especially for the dedication.  Both have responded positively in working to get a representative here.  (Ted is already committed to an AUSA event.)

It was also suggested we invite close by Societies.  I will be sending out to all Societies and Classes an invitation, but have been waiting until we have a better handle on the dedication.  I will be adding the attachment to this message with these invitations. (It was sent to both Ted and Bob,I think when you see it, makes what we are doing very impressive and inspiring).

Ok, now to the other items of interest:

As you may have seen in today paper the Veteran’s Memorial kick-off has begun.  Also in Madison City, Post 229 American Legion is in the process of raising money for a Memorial in their town.

Honor Flight has a big event planned for the 29th of January at Woody Anderson Ford from 5 – 7 pm.  They are trying to raise money for more Flights, their goal is to fly 500 WWII vets to DC this year.  The event itself is not a fund raiser, but to meet the veterans who have made the trip, meet those who are on the list, and to learn more about Honor Flight.  (They will accept donations however.)  The plan flights for this year are:  April 19th (this is funded), May 31, Sep 13, and Oct 18 (all unfunded).  Each flight will take 125 veterans.

The North Alabama Veterans and Fraternal Organizations Coalition will be holding its annual Awards and Recognition Program and Dinner on the 20th of February at the Veteran’s Memorial Museum at 6 pm.  The awards are to recognize organizations, business, and others who have been major supporters of Veteran activities over the past year.  This Coalition is an umbrella organization of all numerous organizations that involve or support veterans, the actual number I can’t remember, but when the list is printed out, it takes at least one page on an 8x11 sheet. The Coalition also is the primary organizer for making sure returning service members are greeted at the airport with flags and handshakes.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but it has been fun reading the old front pages of the Times about the Space Exploits of the past.  The other articles on the front page are just as interesting, putting the context of the Space program in perspective.  Like today, the Eagle Scout badge on the front page indicating three boys were receiving this award – when was the last time you recall something like that being on the front page of a paper.

Mike Lyman tells me that the website is set for receiving reservations for Founders Day.  Here is the site http://www.west-point.org/society/wps-tenn-valley/

One other apology- I misspelled Jeffrey Williams name in the invitation.

Art Meier ‘63

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