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The Society Members have been invited to two upcoming events.  Both invitations are attached.

The first is the All Service Academy Ball to be held on the 29th of December at the Heritage Club in Huntsville.  This event is being hosted by the West Point Parents Club of Alabama.  Amy and I are planning on attending, and we are hopeful others do as well.  The invitation has also been sent to the Navy and Air Force associations in town.  Use the information on the invitation to respond.

The second invitation is from the USSRC for the grand opening of the Davidson Center for Space Exploration on the 50th Anniversary of the launching of Explorer I by the US Army.  There was a note in the invitation that indicates that the Corporate response has been overwhelming and only a few individual seats are available.  The RSVP deadline is the 7th of December, but the seats will be on first come first serve basis.  The cost of an individual is $150.00 if anyone is interested please contact me quickly, so we can get the response in.  I will point out that we are planning on having the Founders Day in the same facility just one month later (35 days actually – 7 March) at a significantly lower cost. But I know that the thrill of being at opening night could be worth the price.  (Amy and I will be out of town.)  Just let me know. – Tuesday at the monthly luncheon would be good.

Art Meier ’63

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