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Brick Progam and August Schedule

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The Brick Project for the Saturn V Apollo courtyard is moving forward.  As of this weekend, we have obtained approval of West Point to use the Academy Crest on the large brick and the process of getting the brick manufacturer licensed to engrave the crest is also in process.  (It will be a one time license.)  At this time there will be a total of 15 Bricks with two names on each.  This will be for the 18 Astronauts from West Point and for 12 other West Pointers who contibuted to the early Army and NASA programs leading and including the Saturn V/Apollo launches.  John Zierdt was able to indentify many of the non-astronauts and we have gotten names from other societies and classes.  I will have Mike Lyman update the list on the website and will include some of the background on the non-astronauts.

If you have not made a contribution to this project, please consider doing so.  Any donation is tax deductable, because 100% is going to the Space and Rocket Center's Saturn V restroration project.  You can either donate by going to the website or by sending me or Mike Moran a check made out to WPSTV.  The websites are:

http://www.west-point.org/society/wps-tenn-valley/  or


I am planning on presenting to the Space and Rocket Center the check with the list of bricks we are purchasing next week.  If we get more names after that date, we will still be able to add to the list.

August Schedule is a little different than the other months.  There will be no luncheon on the third Tuesday.  Instead we will have the "August Event".  This is an opportunity for all us together in the late afternoon/early evening with spouse or guest and prepare for the upcoming Football season, discuss programs that are coming along in the fall, and I will report out anything new from the AOG Leadership Conference at West Point (being held 16 -18 August.)  This year the August Event will be held on the 30th of August at 1730 hours upstairs in the FireHouse Pub on the Arsenal.  We will not be buying a Keg of beer this year, but will have a open tab from the bar along with a few snacks.  The club provides the hamburgers and hot dogs.  (I will send out a reminder, again.)  This is the Thursday before the Labor Day Weekend, so those of you who are planning a long weekend, can actually get it started an evening early.

Art Meier '63


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