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2010 Annual Business Meeting

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The Annual Business Meeting today was well attended.   Discussion on Founders Day was the main focus of the meeting.  All invitations are out, initial planning for the Dean's visit to Redstone during the day on the 26th has begun (being coordinated between Bill Crawford and Phil Patterson),  Dick Jackson is going to help out with the Name Tags, Tim Thames will be helping with the flowers, Gail Dwyer signed up for getting the cake, Bill Burns will be drafting the program and Jimmy Hill's son will do the publishing, Steve Rice will be escorting the Dean, I need to check on what flags the USSRC has and if necessary Jody Creekmore will get the GO's flags.  We expect the web sign up (credit card payment) should be running later this week (the web master was out of country and got delayed because of the snow on the east coast last week.)  I will notify everyone when it is operational.

Jody Creekmore explained the new efforts that the Admission team is working on (Gail Dwyer has taken on the role of what the MALO's used to do).  The team will begin undergoing some training to be able to spread the wealth of performing the interviews.  The "From Bob to the Point" display was shown along with the "bag" for counselors.  These were initiatives of the Ecklins.   Upcoming events:  Grissom Military night on the 2nd of Mar (I think I got that right - someone correct me if wrong.)  On 10 Mar the Outreach Officer from West Point will be at a by invitation meeting at Huntsville High.  Expanding the poster idea for each high school was discussed and the use of the bags.  Everyone thought it should be done.

The last major item was the nomination committee listing of vacant and vacating positions for the next three years.

These individuals will be voted on at the Founders Day dinner, other nominations can be made, but what follows is the recommendation:

President:  Mike Cantor '80
Vice President: Tim Thames '65  (this position is for two years due to vacancy)
Secretary: Gail Dwyer '81
Board Position: Don Ecklin '77
Board Position: Art Meier '63

In the discussion by the Admissions Team, it was apparent that they will require some funds to make proper posters, displays and "bags".  You have the opportunity to help out by making sure you add either membership dues or a donation with your Founders Day reservation.

Thanks to all who were there today and volunteered for Founders Day duties.  The next meeting will be on the 16th of March and by that time we will need more help.

Art Meier '63

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