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Annual Organization Meeting

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The annual Organization Meeting of the West Point Society of the Tennessee Valley  was held at the RSA Officers Club on 21 February 2006.  The primary purpose of the meeting was to made changes to the Society's Consititution and By-laws and to nominate Officers and Board members for terms ending in 2009.

The revised consititution and by-laws will be posted on the Society Web site within a few days.  Major changes were in adding the Membership and Admissions Officers as members of the Executive Body, establishing the Friends of West Point as a classification of membership, clarifying the membership classifications of Honorary and Associate Membership, adjusting the roles of the Executive Body and the Board of Governors, and specifying that the Annual Organization Meeting to be held in February, with the election of new officers and Board members to be conducted at the Founders Day Dinner in March.

Rich McAdams was nominated for the position of Vice President, Mike Moran was nominated for Treasurer, Jimmy Hill and Ray Tomlinson were nominated for Board Members.  All individuals are currently holding these positions and if elected will have terms that end in 2009.

The meeting closed with updates on Founders Day.  Just a reminder that it is easy to sign up for the dinner using the Website.  You may check the Website to see who (or who has not!) is planning on coming.  Check to see if your classmates will be there, and if not give them a call and ask why (there may be a good reason, but maybe they just have forgotten.)

More later.

Art Meier '63

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