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February Meeting

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Tuesday will be our annual Society meeting.  The primary purpose is to announce the nominations for the vacating officers and board members.  The outgoing board members and officers have been the core of the nominating committee, and they will present the list of names at the meeting.  Also, the next year’s agenda and plans will be made.  If anyone has a suggestion for meetings, or projects, or comment on what we are doing, please come and make your thoughts known.  The Society is very flexible in what we do, but we need new ideas, otherwise we will continue on the path we are on.

The other major agenda topic will be Founders Day.  There are two events that will happen on the 7th of March.  The dinner which begins at 1830 hours in the Davidson Center of the USSRC and the dedication of the bricks – both of which will be one of a kind events.  By Tuesday (12 Feb) we should have the plans done for the dedication (time and format, etc), so please attend so you can make comments.  Likewise, we will have completed the walk through of the Davidson Center, so we will know what the lay out will be for the dinner.I have received positive news from NASA, and they are in the final approval stages of letting Jeffrey Williams ’80 come as our speaker.  I have been informed that possibly Pat Forrester ’79 (another NASA astronaut) may also attend.

If you have not sent in your reservations for the dinner, please do so.  I am enclosing the reservation form in case you have misplaced the one I sent earlier.  You may also register online.

Art Meier ‘63


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