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November News

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First there will be no comments on the Army – Air Force Game – except thanks to those who were at Buffalo Wild Wings on Saturday (luckily few Air Force fans showed up) – However, the Navy - Notre Dame was worthwhile watching.

The class of 96 is working the plans for the Army – Navy Game at Indigo Joe’s and we’ll be sending out more information later this month.

Remember that the Veteran’s Day Parade is Monday, 12 Nov at 11 am downtown. There is a Veterans Day Dinner on Saturday night, if anyone is interested in going contact Dave Carney at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   

The Society Luncheon this month will be held on the 20th of November (two days before Thanksgiving).  Cadet Reed Alexander (USMA 2010, Bob Jones HS '06) will be present, so come and get a chance to learn what is going on at West Point from a yearling’s view. He will be here thanks to the CPRC program.  (We also may be honored to have a WWII vet there that day to share his experiences – just waiting for confirmation.)  The luncheon will be in the Loft of the ROCC, at 1130 hours.

I am sure your mail box is much like mine this time of the year – with numerous requests for donations.  If you are still looking for a Tax deduction this year, I remind you that any money donated to the purchase of the West Point Bricks is tax deductible.  Just go to the society website for information if using a credit card or you may send a check to me made out to WPSTV with a note that it is for the bricks.  If anyone desires a letter noting the deduction for tax purposes, please let me know and I will provide one. 

Your Executive Body has been agreed to several actions over the past month or so which will be effecting next years Founders Day which I am passing on to you.

A change has been made concerning the oldest and youngest grad speeches.  We no longer will pick the oldest or youngest grad that is present for their speeches.  What we will do is to canvas the oldest half and youngest half of the group, to see if anyone would volunteer to make an older grad or younger grad comment.  In other words, no one should not attend Founders Day because of concern about having to give the speech.

We are planning on holding a Dedication of the West Point Bricks on the day of Founders Day (7 March 08) at the USSRC.  The time of the event is still being discussed, because we are hoping that the Space Camp will have some campers present that we can invite as part of the event – even possibly inviting some school children. 

We are attempting to get one of the West Point Astronauts who flew on a Saturn V/Apollo mission to be the Founders Day Speaker and participate in the dedication of the bricks.

Finally, the dinner will be held in the new Davidson Center for Space Exploration.  The cost of the dinner will be a little higher than last year, but we’ll doing all we can to hold the cost down.  However, this will be a fantastic location for the dinner to recognize West Pointers for their contributions to Space Exploration, with dinner under the Saturn V.   Please mark your calendars for the 7th of March 08 and plan on having a wonderful evening.

Art Meier ‘63

Last Updated on Saturday, 22 November 2008 13:48  

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