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August meeting

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We had a pretty good turnout last night at the Firehouse Pub.  I am sorry that the ROCC did not follow through on their end of the bargain (the missing hamburgers and hotdogs), but we had a good time any way.  For those of you who missed my short talk, here are some of my notes!

One of the big discussion points was the Admissions work being done by Dick Jackson ’61 and Josh Kennedy ’94 (he is our MALO).  Here is the upcoming schedule of meeting with High Schools so if you can help them out – please contact them.

10 Sep 07 (Mon)
Morning: Grissom HS.  0730 setup, 0810-1010 browse sessions.
Afternoon: Butler HS. 1300 setup, 1315-1500 browse sessions.
Evening: Hartselle HS. 1730 setup, 1800-2000 browse session

11 Sep 07 (Tues)
Morning: Lee HS. 0830 setup, 0900-1100 browse sessions
Afternoon: Johnson HS. 1245 setup, 1330-1500 browse sessions
Evening: System wide Parents Night @ Huntsville HS. 1700-1730 setup, 1800-1930 browse session

12 Sep 07 (Wed)
Morning: Huntsville HS. 0830 setup, 0900-1100 browse sessions
Afternoon: Columbia HS & New Century Tech HS. 1230 setup, 1300-1500 browse sessions
Evening: nada

13 Sep 07 (Thurs) @ UAH Fitness Center
Morning: Madison County high schools (Buckhorn HS, Madison County HS, Hazel Green HS, New Hope HS)
Afternoon: Private schools (Madison Academy, Catholic HS, etc)
Evening: Bob Jones HS, 1800-2000

14 Sep 07 (Fri)
Morning: Athens City and Limestone County @ Athens State University (Phys Ed Center)
* Schools attending are Athens Bible, East Limestone, Ardmore, Clements, Elkmont, Faith Christian Academy, Limestone Area Vocational, Tanner, and West Limestone)

And a reminder:  Major McBride (West Point Admissions Officer for the Southeast) will be here on 25 October.  More on this later.

I also thought I might mention (again) the Apollo Brick program:  As you know we are honoring the astronauts from West Point and also those West Pointers who were involved in the very early Space programs – up to the Apollo Program.  The complete is on our website. (You can also contribute to this effort at our website  http://www.west-point.org/society/wps-tenn-valley/  For the non-astronauts, here is some of what they did.

Holger N. Toftoy ‘26 supervisor of development for the stage 1 missile that launched the first satellite.

August Schomburg ‘31 CG MICOM  59 -62

John A. Barclay ‘31 DCG Army Ordnance Missile Command 60-61, Northrop Space Labs 62- 77

Francis J. McMorrow ‘33 DCG & CG Army Ordnance Missile Command (AOMC) 61-63

John G. Zierdt ‘37 Chief of Staff, ABMDA at the time of the Explorer I launching.

Edward P. Mohlere ‘36 Chief of Staff, MICOM 64-66, ATech Dir Marshall Space Flt Center 66-77.

John C. Nickerson ‘38 Explorer Program Office

Robert M. Pearce ‘44 Explorer Program Office

Rocco Petrone ‘46 Director of the NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center from 1973 to 1974. Before that he was Director of Launch Operations at NASA's Kennedy Space Center from July 1966 until September 1969 and then Apollo Program Director.

John P. Jones ‘53 Left the AF late 1963 to join IBM Federal Systems Division, Space Center for involvement with the Air Force's Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL), NASA's Large Orbiting Research Laboratory (LORL), Medium Orbiting Research Laboratory (MORL), Gemini and Apollo Command Computers and the Saturn V Instrumentation Unit.

Jay W Gould  ‘54 Program Engineer in various capacities on the following Programs:

Martin Co:              Titan I, Titan II, Titan III and Gemini 1957-1963
Honeywell:              Apollo 1963-1966
3M       :              Apollo & Space Lab 1966-1980

Edward Olivares ‘57 worked on the Hughes Aircraft Company's Surveyor unmanned Lunar Lander that preceded the Apollo to scout out the potential landing sites (and determine whether there would be fifty feet or more of dust that Apollo's lander would sink into). As well, I worked on the Apollo Program for North American Aviation-Rockwell's S&ID Division, developing the Apollo Command Module.

George Kannapel ‘56 A design engineer on what were Black projects called the Bear Projects. For Momma and Pappa Bear I was first a Project Engineer and later a site Project Engineer.  The Program was under the Secret activities of the Air Force and Air Products used the company name of APIX Fertilizer to help conceal the real purpose of the plant directly across from Pratt & Whitney's plant in West Palm.  The secret was coded under the name of SF-1  (Secret Fuel One) which we designers knew had to be Liquid Hydrogen because we were designing heat exzcangers for use down to -430 degrees F (liquid hydrogen temps.)  Only H and He are liquid at those temps.  We got involved in a big way with the new space programs from Mercury and Gemini to really invloved with Von Braun and Dr. Tessman in the early vehicle fuels programs and eventually Apollo program and Saturn support.

Jim Castle ‘58 In 1961 I was an Engineer responsible for various Telemetry Systems for the Army's ADVENT Communications Satellite. I was employed by GE's Spacecraft Dept at the time.
2. From 1962 through 1964 I was an Engineer/Systems Engineer/and Project Leader on the SAMOS Satellite System. I was employed by GE's Advanced Space Projects Dept at the time.
3. From 1964 through 1968 I was a Supervising Engineer and Manager-System Software Development for the Manned Orbiting Laboratory. I was employed by GE's MOL Dept at the time.
4. From 1978 through 1980 I was General Manager of the Apollo Support Dept located in Daytona Beach Fla. I was responsible for all Dept activities.


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