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Honoring West Point's Contribution to Space

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January 2008 will mark the 50th Anniversary of the United States in Space. Explorer I was launched by the US Army Ballistic Missile Agency via a Jupiter-C missile, which was a modified Redstone Rocket, from Cape Canaveral, FL on the 31st of January 1958.  The Army Ballistic Missile Agency was headquartered at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama.

Art Meier presents the check for the bricks.
Image here:Art Meier presents the check for the bricks.

The US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama will be marking this Anniversary with the dedication of the Saturn V Center.  The Center, which is on land donated by Redstone Arsenal, will be housing a Restored Saturn V, one of only three in existence, inside a newly constructed steel and glass facility that will be visible from Interstate Highway 565.  Adjacent is an upright full scale replica of the Saturn V and around this replica will be the Apollo Courtyard.

West Pointers, over the years, have contributed in numerous ways to the Exploration of Space, just as they have done with every engineering feat the Nation has undertaken since 1802.  The Apollo Courtyard will honor individuals who have contributed to the Exploration of Space and in particular to those who contributed to the Saturn V/ Apollo programs which took Americans to the Moon.  They can be honored by the purchase of Bricks for the courtyard which will assist in the restoration of the Saturn V which will be displayed inside the center.

The West Point Society of the Tennessee Valley has decided to honor the West Pointers who have been or are currently Astronauts as they have, and are continuing, to contribute to the Exploration of Space, by the purchase of bricks with their names and class year.  It is recognized that there are many more West Pointers who were involved as Engineers/Program Managers on early ABMA programs leading to the NASA Saturn V / Apollo program, and where we have been able to identify those individuals, they are also being recognized.  The Society is going to purchase an 8”x8” brick with the West Point Crest with the words “USMA’s Leadership in Space and Astronauts”.  In addition we are going to purchase 8”x4” bricks with the individual names and class, with two names per brick.  These smaller bricks will be arrayed around the larger brick.  Currently, we have identified sixteen West Point NASA Astronauts and one Army Program Manager.  The seventeen are listed below.  If you are aware of other West Pointers who were instrumental in the early Army programs, such as the Jupiter-C and Explorer programs, please notify me, so that we can add their names to the bricks.  The order need to be submitted quickly.

If you would like to contribute to this effort you can donate online.  If the majority of the members of our Society each contribute $10, we will easily make our goal.   All contributions will be used to purchase the bricks or will be donated to the Saturn V Restoration Project, if there is any excess.

West Point Astronauts
Frank Borman ‘50
Buzz Aldrin ‘51
Ed White ‘52
Michael Collins ‘52
David Scott ‘54
Alfred Worden ‘55
Donald Peterson ‘55
Richard Mullane‘67
Sherwood Spring ‘67
James Adamson ‘69
William McArthur ‘73
Michael Clifford ‘74
Patrick Forrester ‘79
Charles Gemar ‘79
Jeffery Williams ‘80
Douglas Wheelock ‘83
Tim Kopra ‘85
Shane Kimbrough ‘89

Graduates involved in Explorer I through Apollo program
Holger N. Toftoy ‘26
August Schomburg ‘31
Francis J. McMorrow ‘33
John A. Barclay ‘31
Edward P. Mohlere ‘36
John G. Zierdt ‘37
John C. Nickerson ‘38
Lee Boyer James ‘43
Edmond O’Conner ‘43
Robert M. Pearce ‘44
Rocco Petrone ‘46
Richard C. Henry ‘49
John G. Albert ‘49
John E. Miller ‘49
Robert Douglass ‘50
C. Friedlander ‘50
John G. Jones ‘50
Grayson d. Tate ‘50
John P. Jones ‘53
Jay W. Gould  ‘54
Edward Olivares ‘57
George Kannapel ‘56
Robert Sheridan ‘56
Jim Castle ‘58

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