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Current Founders Day Attendees

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Planning to come to Founders Day? See if you friends and classmates are already registered below:

Clifford Flanigan and Joann Flanigan 1954
Wood Deleuil and Peggy Deleuil 1956
Herbert Wagenheim and Jane Wagenheim 1956
Ray Coffey and Gerry Coffey 1958
Thomas Thompson and Middie Thompson 1958
James Burwell and Gudrun Burwell 1959
Jim Hill and Clara Hill 1959
Genie McCoy and Bill McCoy 1959
Bri Chabot and Margot Chabot 1960
Dr. James  McCollum and Barbara McCollum  1960
Richard Jackson and Metta Jackson 1961
Bill Burns and Rusty Burns 1962
Arthur Miller and Cecelia Miller 1962
Larry Capps and Brenda Capps 1963
Rich Goldsmith and Sue Goldsmith 1963
Arthur Meier and Amy Meier 1963
Paul Bucha and Cynthia Bucha 1965
Zig Roebuck and Linda Roebuck 1965
LTC John W. (Tim) Thames and Sandy Thames 1965
BJ Brigadier and Bill Brigadier 1967
Macy Brown and Laura Brown 1967
Kent Kraus and Bobbi Kraus 1967
Don Wolfe and Sarah Curtis 1967
Robert Love 1970
Jerry Ryan 1970
Robert Jacobson and Louise Jacobson 1971
Jerry Hamilton 1972
Steve Myer and Carleene Myer 1972
Walter Seifried and Sandy Seifried 1972
John Holly 1973
Jeff Cerny and Barbara Cerny 1974
Greg Parlier and Judy Parlier 1974
John Welt and Jeanne Welt 1974
Austin Omlie and Samantha Omlie 1975
Bob Reynolds 1975
Brian Osterndorf and Audrey Osterndorf 1976
Greg Curtis and Cynthia Curtis 1977
Don Ecklin and Tery Ecklin 1977
Matt Forbes and Mary Forbes 1977
Marc Jacobson and Denise Jacobson 1977
Freddie Mills and Julie Mills 1977
Rick Makowski and Betty Makowski 1978
David Bender and Susan Bender 1980
MAJ Marty Eaton, Carol M. Eaton, MAJ(Ret) William Crawford and Ann Crawford 1980
Doug Litavec 1980
David Cox and Phyllis Cox 1982
Steve Taylor and Moira Taylor 1984
Valerie Coffey 1985
Rich McAdams and Annette McAdams 1986
Tom Adams and Abbe Adams 1987
Mike Lyman and Michelle Lyman 1987
Rich Muschek and Eva Marie Muschek 1987
William Uemura 1987
Bryne Zuege and Meredith Zuege 1991
David Mulligan and Kendra Mulligan 1993
Stephen Case and Jennifer Case 1995
Scott Edwards and Amy Edwards 1997
Jason Cuneo and Valerie Cuneo 1998
Jonathan Johannesmeyer 1998
Gary Kennedy and Marcie Kennedy 2009
Cadet Matthew Wilson, Mr. John Wilson and Mrs. Caroline Wilson Cadet
Kevin Hoecherl , Joe Hoecherl and Kelly Hoecherl Candidate
Tyler McGuire, Victoria Hubickey and Cheryl McGuire  Candidate
Tommy Plummer, Andrea and Clair Plummer Candidate
CSM (ret) Robert Whiteford and Marilyn Whiteford Friend of West Point

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