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Next Week I will be going up to West Point for the Society and Class Leadership meetings. I thought I would poll the Society to see if there are any questions about the AOG or West Point that I could bring up at the various sessions.
Part of the Agenda:

0900-0915 Welcome by Chairman, Alumni Support Committee MG (R) Bob St. Onge '69 (Thayer Hall, Room 144)
0915-1015 Remarks by AOG Chairman LTG (R) Ted Stroup '62 (Thayer Hall, Room 144)
1015-1030 Break
1030-1200 Academy Update presented by the Superintendent LTG Franklin Hagenbeck '71 (Thayer Hall, Room 144)
1200-1330 Luncheon & Guest Speaker: LTC John Nagl '88 (West Point Club)
1330-1430 Panel of Recent Battalion Commanders (Thayer Hall, Room 144)
1430-1500 Support for Cadet Activities LTC Craig Flowers (Thayer Hall, Room 144)

0900-1000 Discussion of Development Operations LTC (R) Mike Mahan '70 (Thayer Hall, Room 144)
1000-1100 Discussion of AOG Finances COL (R) Geoff Louis '64 (Thayer Hall, Room 144)
1100-1200 Discussion of AOG Governance & Elections Ms Ellen Houlihan '82 & (Thayer Hall, Room 144) COL (R) John Calabro '68
1200-1330 Luncheon& Guest Speaker: COL Douglas Boone. (West Point Club) Distinguished Society Awards
1330-1430 Issues of Concern to the Military Community VADM Norb Ryan (Thayer Hall, Room 144)

Coach Bobby Ross will be the speaker at the Dinner on Friday.

If anyone has a question, you would like presented, please let me know.

Other topics:

The normal Third Tuesday Society Luncheon will NOT be held in August. This is because we have scheduled an "August Rally" on the 24th of August at the Firehouse Pub. The Society will furnish the drinks and the Club will provide the hamburgers and hot dogs. Bring your spouses or best friend! The main topic of discussion will be the football season! (I will try and pay attention to whatever Bobby Ross says.) The Rally begins at 1730 hours and will last until the keg runs out. (Last year we had to leave a good portion for the folks downstairs, hopefully this will not be the case this year.)

Mike Lyman and I were looking at the numbers the other day and we have just under 500 names on the Society Roster and the AOG has email address for 73% of them. Those that attend our functions know the numbers that show up -but these messages are getting to a lot more.

The September Luncheon will NOT be at the Officers Club, but will be at the Veteran's Museum. More on this latter.

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