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April Luncheon Follow-up

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The finanical sheet was distributed to those present.  In short we were able to do everything we wanted to do last year and the net cost was only $5.  (This included the August Special of last year, plus paying membership in AUSA, WP-Org donations, and the Pancake breakfast, the New Cadet Cook-out, and the Founders Day.)  Thank you all for paying your dues, which help the break even situation.

Decisions made at the meeting:

We will donate $250 to the Ring Recovery Committee.

We will find out how much is the membership in the Military Coaliation, and rejoin.  (We believe were were bonified members when the Wall came to Huntsville.)

Valerie is working a "scrapbook" for warriors's Familiys  (my term) with the Miltary Coliation and has asked that the Society assist her.  She and Mike will be putting out the information on the Web Site soon.

A question came up on the roster, and it will be out on the Web Site soon (or rather a link to a protected site.)

We will be endorsing the nomination of LTG (R) James L. Thompson, Class of  1950 for a Distinguished Graduate Award 2007.  MG (R) Grayson Tate highly endorsed this move.

We will schedule the next "August Special and Football Season Kick-off" for the 24th of August.  Plan to have it at the same location - the Firehouse Pub.  Maybe this time, we will have more folks show up and actually finish off the Keg.

The Question came up about folks not on email.  I said I sent letters to all and asked if they were truely interested and did not have email to let me know and we would keep a small snail list.  I got one response.

Thank you again for showing up.

Art  Meier

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