West Point Society of the Tennessee Valley

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Upcoming WPSTV Events

June -

    WPSTV Quarterly Luncheon (Tuesday, 20 June, 1200 hours, Redstone Golf Clubhouse)

    Still Serving Veterans Night at the Space & Rocket Center Biergarten (Thursday, 29 June)

August - Member BBQ at the U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum, Huntsville (Date TBD)

September -

   Army vs. Fordham (Friday, September 1, 1700 hours)

   Army vs. Buffalo (Saturday, September 9, 1100 hours)

   Army vs. Tulane (Saturday, September 23 - Road Trip)

   Army vs. Texas-El Paso (Saturday, September 30, 1430 hours)

October -

   Army vs. Eastern Michigan (Saturday, October 14, 1100 hours)

   Army vs. Temple (Saturday, October 21, 1100 hours)

November -

   Army vs. Air Force (Saturday, November 4, TBD)

   Army vs. Duke (Saturday, November 11, 1100 hours)

December - Army vs. Navy (Saturday, December 9, 1400 hours, Valley Hill Country Club)

April - Founders Day Dinner (Apr 7; 1700 hours; Valley Hill Country Club, Huntsville)


DISCLAIMER:  This private organization is a non-federal entity and not an official activity of the United States Military Academy.  It is not endorsed, recommended, or favored by the United States government.  The views and opinions expressed by this organization do not necessarily state or reflect those of the United States Military Academy, Department or the Army, or Department of Defense.


Latest Events

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