Subject: WP-ORG: What is WP-ORG?
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2017 17:45:30 -0700
From: Dian Welle <>

Are you a member of a USMA class, society or parent list, AWON (American War Orphan's Network), Japanese POW listserv, USNA parents listserv, SVBN (US Service Academy graduate networking), or another "friend of West Point" list? If so, you are a part of WP-ORG!

Today marks the beginning of the second week of our bi-annual fund drive which keeps our services to you online. The budget requirement for this six-month cycle is $92.344. Once reached, all fund drive messages stop. Thanks to the generosity of many WP-ORG members, we are already at about 30% of our goal:

Please consider a donation:

My name is Dian Welle. I answer the phones and feedback email for WP-ORG. In the days of automated phone trees, we answer the phone personally. If I can't help you, I will connect you to someone who can.

One of our "old grads" called WP-ORG for assistance with his class list last month, and in our conversation mentioned his class owed us several hundred dollars for their web page. I suggested his class must have another web page with someone other than WP-ORG because WP-ORG web pages and email lists are free to West Point classes, societies, parent clubs, USNA parents, and other military-related organizations. He had more questions. Though WP-ORG was integral to his class communications, he wasn't clear how. Once I explained, he suggested we make the information more available to everyone.

They say if one person has a question, many more do. These are the answers I provided to him, and I offer them to you, so that you know what WP-ORG is, and what we do (and what we do not do).

WP-ORG is able to provide the services it does through generous donations from our users during our fund drives in the spring and fall.

Is WP-ORG part of the AOG?
This is the most common question we are asked. WP-ORG is not the West Point Association of Graduates. While we have jointly worked with the AOG on a few projects, the WP-AOG is a large entity who serves the Academy and Graduates. They are authorized to raise private funds on behalf of the United States Military Academy. They have a large budget to cover a large number of programs.

WP-ORG (, on the other hand, is a small 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, providing an online communications infrastructure for graduates, parents, and friends of the military academy. We are funded solely by the generosity of member contributions. We are governed and run independently from USMA, the AOG and DOD. However, we do everything in the spirit of their core values. We charge no fee for our services, with the exception of small fees connected to the online registration and payment sites we offer. Currently, we provide almost 30,000 USMA grads, parents, and friends of West Point with email lists, web pages, and other forms of online services.

How do you provide services at no charge?
WP-ORG is funded by donations, requested during our bi-annual fund drives. Our budget is very small:

Who governs WP-ORG?
WP-ORG is governed by a Board of Advisors and run by two full-time and one part-time employees. However, the major lifting is accomplished by an army of volunteers serving the Long Gray Line, parents, and friends of the Academy. Most of our volunteers serve as moderators for the various email lists. Our volunteers are the backbone of WP-ORG..

Who are WP-ORG's Board of Advisors?

How did WP-ORG come to be?
WP-ORG was founded in the summer of 1994 by Expeditus Bolanos USMA class of 1990. The first email was sent to just over 30 email addresses. That list quickly grew, and by 1995 WP-ORG expanded to the web with the help of Jack Price '64. There was no online presence for Graduates to communicate with each other at that time. A group of class-year representatives encouraged 'ditus to think about setting up a more permanent arrangement and offered to raise the necessary money. West Point parents were also brought into the fold. Never before was there a way for parents to communicate with each other. The power of email was realized, and WP-ORG grew very quickly.

Each email list we host has an associated web page. To see a list of active the email lists we host please see this page:

What services do you offer?
To see the services we provide, please visit this page:

WP-ORG's privacy policy:

IRS Letter Confirming WP-ORG 501(c)(3) Status

This is a link to our fund drive donation report:

Our postal address:
3800 Buffalo Mountain Road SW
Willis, VA 24380

It is my great pleasure to assist you as needed. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call!

Dian Welle
WP-ORG, Inc.
208-263-8063 (office)
661-917-2441 (cell)