Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2015 20:06:15 -0600
Subject: WP-ORG: Grip Hands - Our unique WP-ORG relationships
From: Mike Lyman <>

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Grip hands!

While West Pointers may be the ones who use those words the most, they
apply equally to all the service academy families no matter if they
are parents, students or graduates. They cross academy lines except on
those occasions when we meet on the playing fields. There is something
unique about our experiences that simply provides an almost instant
connection. Grip hands!

West-Point.Org has for many years provided a very unique way of
gripping hands and did so long before social media came along. While
social media provides a way for us to connect with people we already
know and their network of friends, it doesn’t quite match who you can
get to know via WP-ORG mailing lists and forums. In the years I have
been involved I have met friends I never would have gotten to know in
other ways.

There’s Bob Magruder ’64 who I got to know when his wife provided my
class of 87 a color, digital version of our class crest we still use
to this day. Then I got to know him on the wp-forum and as a fellow
WP-ORG advisor. It was years before we put together he was my first
DIVARTY commander with 3AD back when I was an LT.

There’s Michael Kahn ’84 a fellow programmer who likes to argue and
debate as much as I do. We’ve been going at it for almost twenty years
now. We finally met face to face for the first time a few months ago
in his home town to hoist a few beers and eat dinner together. I’m
happy to report we didn’t argue once there in the real world.

There’s David Anselmi ’77 who was a fellow pioneer in getting his West
Point class on the internet like I was and we met through WP-ORG
moderators mailing list. David recruited me into network security and
more than anybody is responsible for my career path for almost the
last twenty years.

There’s Lee Ross ’73, aka Ross Pilot, aerial photographer
extraordinaire who took me flying around West Point and New York City
with my own camera and then sat me down for dinner with Tom Leo ’59.
Lucian Truscott IV ’69 the author of Dress Grey and Full Dress Grey
and grandson of one of the legends of World War II. David Hughes ’50 a
pioneer in deploying wireless internet around the world. There’s Bruce
Shuttleworth, USNA ’87, one of my class’ exchange midshipmen I never
got to know while a cadet.

There’s… My list could go on with friends I met from across the
decades of the Long Gray Line and our fellow service academy. Friends
both living and ones who now grip hands from the shadows.

There is something unique about how WP-ORG allows us to grip hands
that no social media site can duplicate.

If you value this special connection, support us in our mission and
donate today!

Mike Lyman '87