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Subject: WP-ORG: FD 38: "Ties That Bind"
From: Megan Hostler <>

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Ties That Bind

All are concepts we've grown up with - and something WP-ORG puts into practice daily. WP-ORG was created to connect grads with each other and with the institution they love. Throughout the years, the organization has expanded, first to include and embrace our parent contingent, then our Navy brethren (yes, we host forums for Navy grads and parents), and then other organizations, such as the families of the Japanese POWs, AWON (American WWII Orphans Network), and the West Point Ring Recovery Program.

WP-ORG is a large and diverse community of people connected by a love of country and a desire to help others.

WP-ORG has tied my "communities" together in many ways.

As the spouse of a grad, I see daily how the Class of 1968 uses WP-ORG resources to strengthen their bonds and love for their Alma Mater and each other. Through WP-ORG, the Class of '68 has planned its reunions (large and small), communicate regularly with each other, plan their participation in the "living wall" at West Point, and reach across the generations to the Class of 2018, helping to tie those young cadets to their rockbound highland home.

As a parent of two cadets (who are now "old" grads themselves), I've seen how WP-ORG, through its various parent lists, helps West Point parents understand the life their sons and daughters have chosen.  Armed with this understanding, parents extend WP-ORG's reach by helping their sons and daughters find their own path to success, navigating through the growth-process from child to leader.

As both a wife and a parent, I've watched how WP-ORG's eulogy sites tie our grads together in remembrances of their classmates - both young and old -  when those heart-rending words "let it be said 'Well Done, Be Thou At Peace'" have been spoken.

Today we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - social media that did not exist when WP-ORG was created. And yet, there remains a unique place for this established service with its engaged, attentive, and committed staff of list moderators and webmasters. Behind the emails and the websites are real live people ready to reach out for whatever reason, at whatever time.

The human infrastructure of the WP-ORG community consists of 2.5 paid employees and hundreds of volunteers working in concert to keep us connected. There is no physical structure that "is" WP-ORG - that's not necessary for us to stay connected. WP-ORG makes and strengthens connections with every email sent out.

WP-ORG does not have an endowment. It exists from budget to budget - a modest budget considering all it accomplishes and all it enables its members to accomplish. YOUR donation keeps WP-ORG alive. There is no dollar amount too small. My personal plea has always been to have 100% participation in the fund drive. Your donation is your "communication" that the services provided are valued and that they keep you connected to your community.

Please send your donation NOW -- by credit card, check or PayPal -- and help bring this fund drive to a successful conclusion quickly:

Thank you,

Megan Hostler
Advisor, WP-ORG

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