Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2015 23:59:45 -0400
Subject: WP-ORG: Time to Fuel WP-ORG's Boiler! Fund Drive 38
From: Jack Price <>

The leaves are starting to turn along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the
coffer is getting light! Just as I have to spend some time cutting
and splitting wood for Winter, so must WP-ORG replenish our operating
funds for the next six months.

Please donate to Fund Drive 38 by credit card, check, or PayPal:

Our goal is $99,590. FD38 budget detail:

There have always been two characteristics about our fund drives.
The first is that we are supported by a broad base of gracious
donors, but no "whales" who tend to disappear just when you most need
them! The second is that we state our modest goal, we reach it, and
we then send a message out telling you to "Stop Sending $ !" There
is no floating bar that gets raised as the donations flow in. Reports of
overall campaign status and donations by affiliation category are online
as the fund drive progresses.

Speaking for the Board of Advisors, WP-ORG's hundreds of volunteer
moderators and webmasters, and our two and one-half employees, THANK
YOU! The depth of talent among our members, and your willingness
to participate is unique in my experience.

Your donations make WP-ORG services possible. Please donate to Fund
Drive 38 by credit card, check, or PayPal:

Thank you

While I have your attention, an ADMIN note. WP-ORG established
on-line Eulogy Pages for deceased graduates back in 1998, and
currently has 20,444 entries on these pages. WPAOG decided to try to
duplicate this effort recently and the classes are confused. An
argument put forth by WPAOG was that they are permanent, and WP-ORG
may be gone someday. Our view is we exist only in niches inadequately
serviced by them. As a 501(c)(3) we have a dissolution agreement
that targets WPAOG as the recipient for all our assets, including the
Eulogy Pages. They will not disappear. Here is an example of the
two offerings. follow to:

Let your classmates use the one they prefer. WP-ORG does not use
these sites to market other offerings, solicit donations, nor do we
charge the families to add additional photographs. In fact, there are
NO charges associated with WP-ORG Eulogy Pages. Scan through the
Eulogies here: (Right hand menu: Taps & Eulogy Pages)


Jack Price '64 CFO WP-ORG

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Willis VA 24380
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