Date: Wed, 29 Apr 2015 13:23:23 -0500
Subject: WP-ORG: So Many Good Things!
From: Megan Klein <>

WP-ORG is a treasure. Over 19 years, what started out as a single message posted to a rudimentary online bulletin board has become a thriving online community of USMA graduates, academy parents, and special interest groups. It is easy to quantify the good this organization has done. Through its eulogy pages, WP-ORG has provided a place to preserve memories, express sorrow, and heal hearts. Through its listservers, WP-ORG has made it possible to renew and strengthen friendships, solve problems, plan reunions, reassure cadet parents, and share thoughts. Through its online registration and payment sites, WP-ORG has been instrumental in simplifying the planning of reunions for USMA Classes, All Academy Balls for parent clubs (Army, Navy and Air Force), Founders Day for societies, and many other events. WP-ORG has hosted and enthusiastically supported Ring Recovery, a program to recover lost and stolen Academy rings and return them to their owners, since its inception.

WP-ORG is yours - created and guided by you. WP-ORG has always sought to do good. WP-ORG has succeeded in so many ways. Please help us continue...

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Megan Klein

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