Date: Wed, 22 Apr 2015 14:45:17 -0400
Subject: WP-ORG: "Grip hands tho' it be from the shadows..."
From: Michael McGurk <>

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"Grip hands tho' it be from the shadows..."

And when that hand reaches out, it will most likely be wearing a West
Point class ring. West-Point.Org [WP-ORG] is the nexus of the West
Point Ring Recovery Program and was responsible for the birth of the
program on 27 May 1999. It all started with a ring on eBay and a
message from Bill O'Neill, '96, to the West-Point Forum
"...interesting item on eBay...1954 ring...I'm in for $20..." In that
one small gesture Bill O'Neill started an avalanche of donations and
actions. Ring after ring has been recovered as individuals pledged
$10, $20, $50 or whatever they could spare. Since 1999 WP-ORG has
enabled the Ring Recovery Program to assist in finding, buying,
returning, and/or donating approximately 150 USMA class rings. About
one each month for 15 years. From recovering the Class of 1857 ring
of 1LT Brewer, CSA, to the 1880 ring of Major General George
Washington Goethals, to rings lost in Vietnam, to taking reports of
lost rings for USMA 2015, the West Point Ring Recovery Program is in
action every day, thanks to the help and support of WP-ORG. Now
WP-ORG needs your help.

We need to start another avalanche, you don't need to give a huge
amount (but you can!), but we ask that you help keep the momentum
rolling. Give $20, give $50, just a nudge to help start an
avalanche of donations. There are many programs that WP-ORG supports
and maintains. Without WP-ORG, the Ring Recovery Program could never
have grown as it has today. WP-ORG hosted the Forum that started the
program, hosts the Ring Recovery List today, and WP-ORG hosts the
donation website that enables tax free donations to Ring Recovery.

Today, I ask your help not for Ring Recovery, but to support WP-ORG,
the parent organization that is the backbone of all we do.

Please send your donation NOW -- by credit card, check or PayPal --
and help bring this Fund Drive to a successful conclusion:

Thank you,

COL(Ret.) Michael S. McGurk, '85
West Point Ring Recovery Program


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