Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2015 20:27:43 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: WP-ORG: April Showers bring fundraiser donations
From: Doug Dribben <>

Please donate to FD37 by credit card, check, or PayPal:

April - a season for renewal and new growth.  And, this week, the WP-ORG semiannual fundraising effort.  We know why spring occurs: the Earth's axis tilts away from perpendicular, and as we rotate the sun, we move from winter into summer (below the equator, the move is from summer into winter, as those stationed there well know).  WP-ORG's fundraiser occurs because we have forsaken an attempt to build an endowment or other means of sustaining support and coast on that.  Rather, we live (or die) by our relevance to the needs of our subscribers and the value we provide.

Why give?  Myriad reasons exist; if you are reading this, you benefit from them.  USMA graduates benefit from their class activities WP-ORG hosts or furthers, including class pages, reunion assistance, discussion forums, general publications, and memorial pages for fallen classmates.  Parents benefit from discussion lists for plebe and cadet parents, parent clubs, and other services mentioned above; society members benefit from society pages and discussions, as do specific groups like as survivors of Japanese prisoners of war in WWII and USNA parents, among others.  The Ring Recovery forum allows members to help return lost or stolen class rings to their rightful owners, and other forums such as the law forum, women's network, cadet club and activity forums, prayer forums, financial forums, firearms forums, and others allow members to discuss shared interests.  Couple all of the above with a personal web page, a personal email, a job bank, and discounted shopping opportunities, and there's something for every subscriber.  The organization is transparent, with financial statements, mission statement, and history open to all.

For me, it is the connection to my classmates, those others with whom I shared classes or cadet activities as a cadet, and the classes I taught when I was assigned on the faculty.  And, as time goes by, it is the memorial pages of those who have left us far too early that inspire me to seek out new opportunities to make a difference in the world as they did in their often-brief time here with us.  The living history on the various discussion forums is an irreplaceable asset, and many members are more than willing to mentor and share with us their lifetimes of learning.  I cannot put a price tag on such services, but I can tell you that their value is incredible.

If you benefit from any of these, there is absolutely no obligation to send any money, and many members do not; there are no dues or subscription required.  However, as a volunteer organization, we do need funds to continue, and out budget is available at  Those who can, I ask to contribute what you think is fair to keep us running.  Thus far, since 1994, enough members have that we continue to operate.  As a member of the Board of Advisors, I contribute time and money, because I find the organization of great value.  I hope this message reminds each of you why you continue to belong, what you gain from it, and how you can help keep that going.

Please send your donation NOW -- by credit card, check or PayPal -- and help bring this Fund Drive to a successful conclusion quickly:

Thank you,

Doug Dribben, '83
Advisor, WP-ORG