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Subject: WP-ORG: Reaching Out to Help Others
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2015 13:01:26 -0500
From: "John B. Lewis" <>

Please donate to FD37 by credit card, check or PayPal:

Why should each and every member of (WP-ORG) donate to Fund
Drive 37? The fact that each of us derives benefits from our membership
should be reason enough, but there are more reasons.

Stop a moment and think about the many ways that WP-ORG reaches out to help
others. Back in 2001, my wife and I were at West Point for the 50th Reunion
of my class of 1951. WP-ORG technician Dian Welle and her husband were
there primarily to assist my ailing classmate, Dick "Beadeye" Breakiron.
During a conversation the subject of POWs came up and I told Dian that my
father was a member of the Class of 1925, was captured by the Japanese and
died on one of the "Hellships". I also mentioned that I was fortunate in
learning many details about my father's time as a POW from one of his
classmates that was with my father when he died. Then I told Dian that I
was trying to help other less fortunate descendants learn information about
their relative that was a POW of the Japanese. Dian quickly said, "That's
it, I am going to create a listserve for those descendants and you will
serve as moderator of the list" -- not a question to me, just a command.

Dian set up the Japanese-pow List, designated "Beadeye" as my mentor and
they flooded me with instructions about "majordomo" as soon as I got home.
I began subscribing descendants and former POWs that I met at American
Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor conventions and the list began to grow
with a stated purpose of sharing information about POWs of the Japanese.
Later she began a "Japanese-pow Home Page" web site to augment the process
and showed me how to take over as web master of that site. The list grew to
a little over 300 members living in at least eight different countries, and
I received many messages thanking me for helping them learn information
about their relative that was a POW of the Japanese. The thanks are due
mostly to WP-ORG for providing an invaluable means of communication via the
Japanese-pow List and the Japanese-pow Home Page web site. If any of you
want to see the web site, the URL is To see a memorial article I
wrote in honor of my father, scroll down the main page to the "Memorial
Pages" heading, click on the "Memorials" link, and on the next page, click
on my name.

To ensure continuity, earlier this year I turned over the job of Moderator
of the Japanese-pow List to Bob Whitecotton. His father and uncle (twins)
were both POWs of the Japanese. His father survived the war, but his uncle
was killed in the Palawan Massacre. You may see his memorial article in
honor of them while you have the web site open.

I have cited just one of the many ways that WP-ORG "reaches out". Surely
this fine organization is worthy of generous support from each and every one
of us.

Please send your donation NOW -- by credit card, check or PayPal -- and help
bring this Fund Drive to a successful conclusion quickly:

Thank you,

John B. Lewis, '51