Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2015 14:04:22 -0400
Subject: WP-ORG: WP-ORG Spring Fund Drive Starts Today!
From: Jack Price <> DONATE:

I know it's time to start the Spring fund drive because I'm a
beekeeper up on Virginia's Blue Ridge Parkway, and as soon as 30,000
honeybees explode from a burgeoning hive, it's also time to send out
30,000 emails to our WP-ORG email addresses! During this time, the
queen actually lays two thirds of her body weight in eggs (~2000)
daily! The bees bring back nectar and pollen for the hive to prosper
during the coming season, and the fund drive messages bring back check
and credit card donations. This comparison keeps my life simple. >:)

We'd very much like to see these fund drives close out in a month, and
I encourage you to make your donations early. The donation link above
will accommodate checks, credit cards, PayPal, and stock donations.
All donations are 100% tax deductible. Here is a link to our very
frugal budget, basically unchanged for the last decade.

Long ago we decided not to accumulate an AOG style endowment, but rely
on semi-annual fund drives, with minimal reserves, that would make us
very responsive to our users. That judgement has been successfully
passed for almost twenty years. There is no other venue where a
dollar donated, does more for our West Point community than these fund

In these times when ISIL is harvesting military information from
social media sites, don't forget that email accounts
are available through WP-ORG. They reside only on our servers and can
provide a 'hull defilade' presence on the Internet. They can be
accessed through a web mail interface. These are available only to our
West Point graduates. Contact .

One of the support functions we do is to quickly set up credit card
sites for various functions. They yield 95% of the transactions, with
WP-ORG paying all the bank clearing costs. We handle refunds, audits,
and EOM payouts unless requested earlier. Contact us, for examples of what you might be considering. It
makes group management of financial events in our community MUCH
easier! And, we do this QUICKLY!

Now, as an inducement to get this fund drive jump started, I will give
a honey bear, of my World famous sourwood honey, to anyone who shows
up with a minimum $50 donation, by April 10 at 34 46 34.19 N 80 29
06.76 W . This location is close to Mabry Mill, mile post 176, on the
Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, just north of the NC/VA border. Just
a test to see if any of those dusty Ranger Tabs are still valid!

Finally, I'd like to thank all those folks who operate as volunteer
listserve moderators, without whom we could not function. Please

"Beeman Buffalo Jack" Jack Price '64 CFO WP-ORG INC on Buffalo Mountain