Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2011 22:57:09 -0400
Subject: WP-ORG: Fund Drive 30: Why WP-ORG is important to me
From: Megan Hostler <>

BLUF ≠ this is yet another plea for money. No one likes being asked
for donations, and certainly I donít like being in the position to
have to ask. However, I *do* believe in the organization that Iím
asking you to help support Ö.and Iíd like to share why West-Point.Org
is important to me.

I am the spouse of a grad. A lifetime ago, I thought I knew what West
Point was all about - and thought that I was prepared, as a parent, to
send our older son off into that wonderful environment that would mold
him into the fine young officer he wished to become.

No one could have anticipated the panic that gripped me when the
briefing officer said, "You have 90 seconds to say your good-byes."
Nothing could have prepared me for the worries and questions that
consumed me that summer. BUT - there were folks who understood. Who,
in the dark of night, would share stories of other young men and
women...of upperclassmen who had already been through the rigors of
Cadet Basic Training ("Beast Barracks") - and survived. Folks who
would tirelessly answer questions from other Plebe parents, gently
assuring them that their son / daughter was fine...and so were they.

I can look back now and laugh at my worries - but I know how real they
were at the time - and understand the fear and panic that grips many
parents during that first summer. Had it not been for the parent
forums hosted by WP-ORG, my husband would have suffered even *more*
that summer - he who had already survived Beast, but who now kiddingly
remarks that he has made it through *three* Beasts - the latter two,
those of our sons, being much tougher, as he had my fingernails
tenaciously clawing, gripping and digging into his forearm.

Since that fateful day in June of 2000, the parent forums have been a
wonderful source of information - a place to have questions answered /
learn more of the traditions of West Point. I've been fortunate to be
afforded the opportunity to meet - and become friends with - many
wonderful people over the past eleven years - all due to the existence
of WP-ORG.

As the spouse of a grad, I also see how WP-ORG has helped my husband's
class remain connected - that wonderful group of men who know that
there is "No Task Too Great for '68" and know that each and every bond
made during those years at West Point has lasted through the years -
drawing them closer to each other and to the institution that helped
make them who they are today.

The mission of WP-ORG is to facilitate communication by and between
grads, by and between parents...and it accomplishes that mission on a
daily basis. If you believe that WP-ORG is fulfilling its mission,
please help keep it operational. Thanks to the generosity of 1,600
of our members, we're at 96% of goal, less than $5,000 to go. We need
your help to close out FD30. You can donate by credit card, check, or
PayPal: No amount is too small
and all contributions are much appreciated

Thank you,

Megan Hostler
Advisor, WP-ORG

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