Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2011 20:09:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: Billy and Kristen <>
Subject: WP-ORG: Fund Drive 30: I found WP-ORG Thanks to the 1965 Playmate of the Year

I discovered WP-ORG one day at work back in 2005 while serving as a Brigade Assistant S1 at Fort Stewart, Georgia. I was surfing the net for military stories when I came across Jack Price's, "A Beauty for Bravo Company":

The story is about how LT Price ('64) was able to get the "1965 Playmate of the Year" to visit his men in Vietnam. I thought the article was great and printed a copy for my boss, an '82 grad. I stuck it in his inbox and decided to look up this Price guy. I ended up emailing Jack and, who would have known, he was my WP-ORG class list moderator. Over the next few months, I assisted Jack in expanding "usma2001" by contacting and adding many of my "lost" classmates' email addresses to our class list. This database, maintained by WP-ORG, is instrumental in keeping our class connected as we all move through life.

During our time working together, Jack told me about the WP-Forum, a listserver for graduates hosted by WP-ORG. I joined it out of curiosity and a desire to connect with other grads who had served in war. See, a large part of the reason I was surfing for military stories was because I was trying to sort out my thoughts on deployment to Iraq in 2003. What I found through WP-ORG was a community of men and women with a depth of experience unparalleled in any other venue. The WP-Forum is an open door to countless war veterans--retired Generals and Colonels, current Commanders, and many other grads still serving.

There is a uniqueness to our lives because of West Point. Many Americans know what it means to serve our country. Only a few know what it means to lead our men and women in battle. I count it a blessing to be able to associate, communicate with the WP community through the services of WP-ORG.

It is through your donations to our semi-annual fund drives that WP-ORG is able to serve, thrive, and grow. Please consider how WP-ORG affects your life as you determine your ability to donate.

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Thank you.

Kristen Lewis '01
Advisor, WP-ORG

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